Distinctive features of josera dog food

The German company Josera produces premium and super premium feed.

These feeds have long been well known in Western European countries and only recently entered the Russian market.

Benefits and composition of josera dog (dzhosera)

  • In the production of feed Djoser not used genetically modified raw materials.
  • It includes only meat components, which are also allowed for human consumption, which is the certificate of the European Union.
  • The products used in the feed are mainly of German origin.
  • In production, only the most gentle processing methods are used, and to preserve the freshness of the feed - hermetic packaging.
  • In order to protect the animal from allergic reactions in the composition of the feed Yozer not used soy, wheat, as well as dyes, flavors and artificial preservatives.

It is also noteworthy that the manufacturer at all stages of production avoids additional costs and therefore offers high-quality food at affordable prices. So that each pet could find the right food, Josera offers a fairly wide range of feed. So for puppies there are two rations. One is designed for canine babies of all breeds aged from two to eight months. He is suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches.

The second feed is designed for puppies of all breeds aged from six months to a year. Adult dog food also has several diets. One is designed for young animals that have increased loads and are very active. The other, without wheat and soy, is designed for adult dogs with normal physical activity. There is a diet for dogs prone to digestive problems and allergies.

It is based on duck meat and rice, which is very suitable for dogs with allergies to beef, pork or lamb meat, as well as most cereals. When a dog is intolerant of animal protein in general, it is better to offer it hypoallergenic feed with salmon and rice. Also he will like the most fastidious dogs. It contains biotin, as well as Omega 3 and Omega 6 unsaturated fatty acids, which help maintain the health and shine of the coat.

Reviews of josera dog food

Not so long ago, we received 2 reviews of josera dog food from regular visitors to our site:

Reviews №1

When I read the description of this feed, I thought that it was somewhat strange that the same rations were provided for dogs of all breeds and sizes. Still, the needs of St. Bernard and Toy Terrier are completely different. But still took a sample bag. It was bribed by the fact that there are no unnatural and unnecessary dog ​​products, any complex mixtures in Dzhoser. Everything in German is clear and simple.

Veronica, Moscow

Review number 2

I've been feeding my boxers for a year now. The vet advised when the younger, then still puppy, began to show signs of allergies. Apparently, on the wheat, although it reacted poorly to other grains. The rash in the dog appeared, itched all over, and then these combs healed for a long time. On Dzhoser stopped pouring. And now, when he was one year old, I buy a bag of one food, a "duck with rice" for two, and my mother also liked it. Although she did not have an allergic rash, after the transition to Djoser, tears from her eyes stopped flowing.

Kostya, St. Petersburg

If you gave your pet Djoser's dog food, please share in the comment field your opinion on this product. Thus, the other visitors of the site www.dogsecrets.ru will be able to make the right choice in the diet for their pet.



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