What if a dog has a heat stroke?

A heat stroke in a dog is a critical condition that develops as a result of overheating of the animal for one reason or another: in the sun, due to heavy physical exertion, in a closed machine.

At the same time, the body temperature of the dog rises above 40.5 degrees. (What is the normal body temperature for a dog, read here) Heat stroke develops in situations where the body, using all its capabilities to give off excess heat, still does not cope.

Especially high probability of heat stroke in dogs with short muzzles (boxers, bulldogs, pugs, Shar Pei) and northern breeds (Malamut, Husky), as well as pregnant, elderly, overweight animals, with diseases of the cardiovascular system or respiratory tract. Also, any dog ​​that has to actively move in hot weather can suffer from heat stroke. Very often, dogs left in a tightly closed car get to the vet.

Symptoms of heat stroke in dogs

  1. With a heat stroke, the animal’s body temperature rises
  2. dyspnea appears,
  3. mucous membranes turn red
  4. the animal is weakening
  5. wants to sleep constantly

Since there are similar symptoms in many other diseases, it must be known that the dog is overheated. Also during heat stroke can be diarrhea and vomiting, convulsions, impaired consciousness. With the development of shock, the mucous membranes can become pale, and the temperature can drop.

This is a rather dangerous condition, because too high a temperature begins to damage the organs of the animal, especially the kidneys, lungs, nervous system, and gastrointestinal tract. If the temperature rises to 43 degrees, then these damages become irreversible. Signs of such severe complications usually appear 3-5 days after the heat stroke that the dog suffered.

First aid to a dog with heat stroke

If the owner is confident that the deterioration of the health of the dog is due to overheating, you need to do the following:

  • cool it immediately: move to as cool a place as possible,
  • wet coat with cold water
  • on the inner thighs and armpits put cold compresses

It is best to even immerse the dog in water, for example, a river. Antipyretics should not be given. However, too fast and excessive cooling is dangerous for the health of the dog. The temperature of her body must be constantly monitored with a thermometer. The task of help is to reduce the temperature to 39 - 39.5 degrees in 30 minutes - an hour and then stop the cooling.

The head of the dog must be kept below body level. You can do an enema with cool water. For stimulation of cardiac activity, sulfocamphocain can be given. After rendering first aid, the animal must be shown to a doctor in order not to miss the development of serious complications: cardiac arrhythmias, renal failure.

Heat stroke prevention

  • The dog can not be left in a closed car, which stands in the sun
  • in the heat it is generally better to limit the physical activities of the dog - to refuse a long trip (especially in summer to the sea),
  • shorten the walk (or move to a later time), do not play in the sun with a ball or a stick

Feed the dog enough once a day in the late evening. If the dog is on the street, it should be able to hide in the shade, as well as have access to water. She can equip a special sandbox with a depth of at least 30 centimeters. Every morning it needs to be watered. The dog will dig a hole and spend the day cool. You can also buy a cooling vest or mat for your dog.



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