How to give first aid when scratching a dog?

The dog can often be scratched. Large and heavy animals most often have scratches on the pads of glass fragments or pieces of iron.

Not uncommon scratches from the claws of a cat or other dog. Shorthair dogs may suffer from sharp wire scraps, and Chinese hairless even from thorny plants. In any case, a variety of scratches must be processed.

After all, even the smallest of them can become a gateway for infection and more serious consequences for the body.

Special First Aid Kit

Scratching is not a serious injury and the owner should be ready to immediately and independently provide first aid to his dog and properly care for it in the future. For such cases, a special first-aid kit is needed, which is worth having not only at home, but also on the road with the dog, for a long rest.

To provide quick assistance with scratches in the first aid kit should be:

  • bandage,
  • brilliant green
  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • potassium permanganate,
  • cotton wool
  • adhesive plaster,
  • alcohol,
  • ointment levomikol,
  • Salve ointment,
  • cream-balm "Ambulance".

How to handle scratches on the body of the dog

If a scratch bleeds for a long time, the place around it must first be wiped with alcohol, in half diluted with water or slightly diluted with potassium permanganate. This is necessary so that dirt does not get into the wound and blood infection does not occur. Scratch itself must be lubricated with hydrogen peroxide until complete disappearance of blood.

When bleeding stops scratch need to grease with green paint. The best thing in general in the treatment of dogs is not to use iodine, because it burns tissue very much. If the scratch is deep enough and located on the body of the dog, it is better to cut the wool around it so that it can be processed freely. It is impossible for a dog to give a lick of scratches, as they will heal for a very long time.

Therefore, at the time of healing it is necessary to wear a special collar on the animal. To prevent dust or dirt from getting into the wound on the street and in the house, it is better to cover it with adhesive tape or not to bandage it after processing.

If paw pads are scratched

  1. Paws should be washed well with cool water.
  2. disinfect with a weak solution of potassium permanganate,
  3. Blood needs to be stopped by hydrogen peroxide.

For healing scratches on the paw pads, it is better to use only ointments. For example, levomikol or "Rescuer". They contribute to a soft healing and, getting up on the paw, the dog will not experience pain every time when the tissue diverges.

After laying the ointment on the paw, you need to put cotton wool and bandage, and put shoes on top, so that the bandage does not become soiled and the dog does not have the opportunity to lick the wound.



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