Which dog to choose for a country house?

While living outside the city, it is natural to think about having a four-legged friend. The dog will always react to the penetration of the alien into the territory, frighten the thief, chase away the alien animal.

Therefore, choosing a dog to live in a suburban area, we are primarily looking for a protector.

Which is better to choose a breed to stay in a country house

Choosing a specific breed, you need to further clarify your goals.

  • Do you intend to keep the dog in the aviary or in free range on the site?
  • Do guests often come to you and where will the dog be at this time?
  • Where will the dog be kept - in the house or on the street?

From the answers to these questions will depend on the choice of a particular breed. For example, you intend to keep a dog in the street. This means that it must be sufficiently protected from the cold. And it's not the length of wool, and in the presence of a thick undercoat. For example, choosing a German Shepherd, it is better to prefer its short-haired variety.

Long hair will get wet and fall down more and this dog will often suffer from colds, as well as skin diseases. If you only like long-haired breeds, then they need to create a more comfortable environment: an enclosure with a wooden floor closed on three sides. The dog will have to regularly comb and trim the mats.

If you need a protector of the site and a security guard of a country house, then it is better to choose from dogs of service breeds that have the ability to protect and obey the owner in their blood. Shepherd dogs, rottweilers, Dobermans and mastiffs are the most enduring, strong and energetic. The most intelligent and friendly to "their" are German shepherds.

They love children and will play with them and guard. At the same time, these are formidable defenders, obedient to the owner, balanced. They will not bark over nothing. Caucasian Shepherd Dogs are harder to keep. This is a born guard of the territory, but it is better to keep such a dog in a spacious aviary or a specially enclosed area. Also, “Caucasians” need a very serious upbringing and an authoritative owner.

One of the best dog options for a country house is the rottweiler.

  • It is amenable to quick training.
  • fearless
  • vigilant
  • able to protect any family member
  • in spite of the short coat it is very hardy in the harsh winter conditions

By its very appearance, a powerful Rottweiler causes fear among outsiders.

Good in the country house and Dobermans

  • They are well trained,
  • obedient
  • alert,
  • brave

Their graceful appearance can be misleading that the dog is too slender, but this is a mistake. Dobermans are excellent guards of houses and cottages, several dogs live well on one site.

Mastiffs are excellent watchmen.

They feel excellent in street content, including in Russian conditions, due to the long hair with thick undercoat. Despite their large size, mastiffs eat little. They are friendly and responsive to all members of the family, as well as to the animals living on the site (cats, chickens and others).

But keenly watching everything happening in a protected area. Their bass barking and imposing appearance discourages all detractors. Regardless of the choice of breed, the dog must be taught to guard from an early age. And if your competence in this matter is not high, it is better to immediately seek help from a canine center.



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