Is it possible and necessary to beat a dog?

Many owners, watching the tricks of their pet, ask themselves: "Is it possible and necessary to beat the dog?"

By and large, it is easy to answer: "You can not beat a dog." And it's not pity, but in a dog psychology. Dog just pointless to beat.

Why not beat the dog?

  1. The fact is that dogs, unlike humans, have only elementary rational activity.
  2. They have no logical thinking, that is, a dog cannot connect two events that take place at different periods of time.

So if the puppy chewed your shoe in the morning, and you came home from work and found it.

No cuffs will not explain the kid for what you are angry at him. For a dog to associate two actions, they must occur almost simultaneously differently.

not only will there be no effect, but a negative reaction may be fixed in the dog. For example, often the owners make the same mistake. The dog ate something during the walk. The owner calls her team: "To me", and when the dog approaches, he begins to beat her. Is it possible to beat the dog for it? Naturally not! And that's why:

As a result, the animal remembers only the last connection of events: after executing the "To me" command, it is beaten, which means it is doing something wrong. And the dog stops performing the command. More "advanced" owners beat the dog immediately at the time of the undesirable action, in order to correct the behavior of the pet. But these cuffs are often not appropriate either.

Are there any situations when you can beat a dog?

Such situations do not exist!

  • There is no need to beat a five-month-old puppy when he goes wrong near
  • it is quite possible to do with jerks
  • Another case of using whipping is to show your authority to the dog, to take the position of the pack leader
  • and so does that master who made mistakes in raising a puppy
  • when a dog only grows up and checks "who's the boss," one strict look is enough to put it in its place in the pack

In the extreme case, you can shake the presumptuous baby by the scruff of the neck, as his mother did. Check who the dog thinks in the house, you can use food. It is necessary to put a dog bowl with food and, not allowing the dog, to remove it again. The dog should not show disagreement with such actions, but calmly wait for permission to eat.

In general, the dog should not be allowed to lead itself; it should not be allowed to eat first, sleep in the best place (for example, on the owner's pillow), go first, start a fight with other dogs, independently decide what to do. But even if time is already missed and an adult dog with serious intentions regains its dominant position in the house, its behavior can still be corrected with the help of a rigorous exercise in obedience skills.

This training provides a powerful pressure on the nervous system of the dog, putting the animal in place. For the correct correction, it is better to contact a professional who will teach how to properly influence the dog. Thus, to beat a dog is not only cruel and not humane, but, most importantly, it is meaningless. This will not obedience to her, but you can get completely undesirable results: a frightened, angry and disoriented animal.



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