Distinctive features of farmin dog food

Farmina dog food (farmina) has recently appeared on the Russian animal nutrition market, but has already managed to gain its fans.

Farmina company has three own pet food factories: in Italy, Serbia and in Brazil. The company has a solid brand portfolio that covers the entire market. It includes eight commercial feed lines and two professional lines specifically designed for breeders and veterinarians.

Main advantages and composition of farmin dog food

One of the most attractive series of farmin rations is a line of low-grain and grainless dog food. This feed has a low glycemic index and fully meets the physiological characteristics and needs of the dog, prevents the development of obesity, and as a result - diabetes.

70% of the grainless fodder consists of animal products. The remaining 30% are vegetables, fruits, special additives. This line has rations intended for large breed puppies (chicken with pomegranate) and for small and medium breed puppies (also chicken with pomegranate).

Food for adult dogs of all breeds is represented by several menus: chicken with pomegranate, wild boar meat with apple, lamb with blueberries, fish with orange. In the composition of low grain feed consists of animal products by 60%. Another 20% are fruits and vegetables, and the remaining 20% ​​are cereals (spelled and oats).

This diet is ideal for a puppy's growing body, starting at three weeks of age. Fodder is packaged in convenient packages of 200, 800 grams, 2.5, 12 and 20 kg. Farmin's super premium class feed line is called Cibau. It provides a composition that contains all the necessary nutrients for animals of all ages and breeds.

The main sources of protein are chicken, lamb and fish. The body's source of energy is provided by easily digestible carbohydrates - corn and rice. The fish oil necessary for the body contains Omega-3 and Omega-6, which have anti-inflammatory properties. The product is fully absorbed by 85%.

It does not contain artificial preservatives and genetically modified ingredients, hormones and antibiotics. There are also lines of premium dog food (Ecopet Natural) and economy class available for most dog breeders. Especially distinguished line of veterinary diets Vet Life. The basis of its nutrition are proteins of animal origin.

They regulate the content of phosphorus, calcium and magnesium, reducing the risk of developing renal failure. The food contains cereals (barley and oats), which allow you to control blood sugar levels, thus preventing obesity and diabetes. Fish and chicken fat, as well as high-quality vegetables reduce the risk of allergies.

Farmina dog food reviews (farmina)

Readers of the site periodically leave us feedback on this or that food for dogs. Here, we recently received such opinions about farmina dog food (farmina)

Review №1

I have associated with this feed only positive experience. We started with the economy class line, and now we have reached grainless. It is very convenient that there is a different packaging. You can simply take the probe at a time, or you can take a bag of 20 kg, which allows you to save a lot.

I was advised to Farmin by the breeders of my shit-tsu, because not all feeds are suitable for dogs of light colors, in Farmin in this regard is very successful. My dog ​​has been sitting on this stern for the second year and the result makes me more than happy. She eats with relish and is always in good show form.

Rimma, Moscow

Review number 2

While we went to Farmina gained invaluable experience. It all started with the search for food, which could give our pregnant Dolly, and then the puppies. They took one food, but a week after giving birth, the mother’s face became swollen and the pups had a rash. And then the vet advised us to Farmin. Now, full order, and my mother eats perfectly and the kids are happy.

Igor, Novosibirsk

If you, dear readers, happened to feed your pet with this feed, please share your opinion about the product. Other visitors to the resource will be grateful to you, because in this way you will help them make the right choice.



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