Why the dog does not eat dry food?

Often, a dog that has been eating natural food since childhood, for some reason, the owner wants to transfer to dry food. This is mainly due to the need for recovery of the pet.

And in such a situation it is not uncommon for an animal to refuse to eat dry food. Although it happens that the dog has already eaten such food and suddenly began to refuse. Why does this happen and how to teach an animal to dry food?

Why the dog does not want to eat dry food?

If the pet is only acquainted with the food, his refusal is explained by the fact that this is an unusual diet. And even if it smells attractive, the dog's digestive system is not ready for an unusual kind of food. The animal simply will not accept a sharp transition to dry food and will experience food stress.

If the dog ate dry food and suddenly ceased, several options can be suggested here: either she does not like the new food (or maybe he is not fresh), or the dog has problems with the gastrointestinal tract or health. If the food has not changed, then it is better not to experiment with food, but go to the veterinarian. Especially if the dog is aged, losing weight before our eyes, or vice versa, has gained a lot of weight.

What if the dog refuses dry food?

  • It is impossible to transfer a dog from natural food to dry suddenly. It is dangerous for her health.
  • It is necessary during the week (and maybe more) in the bowl with the usual food to add a little dry food.
  • First, 1/7 part of the norm, then 2/7 and so on until one dry food is in the bowl. So the dog's digestive system smoothly adapts to the kind of food that is so unusual for her.

If a puppy is transferred to a dry food with teeth that have not yet become strong, it is better to soak the dry granules with kefir or natural yogurt. When transferring a dog to dry food, it is not easy for every owner to realize that instead of two liters of cereal, now only 400 grams of pellets are enough for a pet and many begin to fill a full bowl. And when the animal does not cope with such volumes of food, they begin to complain that the dog does not eat dry food badly.

You should change the bowl to a small one and fill the food strictly in the proportions indicated on the package. By the way, when buying food, you should always check its expiration date and not buy food by weight, because it may be overdue and not of high quality. Veterinarians are advised not to mix natural food with dry food in everyday food. This option is only suitable for the transition period.

If, however, in the porridge constantly "for taste" add dry granules, the dog will quickly lead to such obesity, which will be difficult to cure. Also, if you have already transferred the dog to dry food, you shouldn’t give her “tidbits” or arrange a “festive table” of natural food. At best, it will lead to indigestion.

For the same reason, you should not dramatically change one feed to another, even if it is of higher quality. Care must be taken to ensure that the dog has access to water around the clock, as it does not receive it in the feed. If the animal suddenly stops eating even the favorite high-quality dog ​​food, you do not need to go to the pet store for yummy, it is better to go to the vet. Perhaps the dog has health problems. Food should be selected according to the age of the animal, because over the years the needs of the organism change, as does the appetite.



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