Is toxicosis in dogs?

Toxicosis is a pathological condition, poisoning the body with its own decay products. This is due to failures during pregnancy in the work of the organs that are responsible for detoxification (kidneys, liver, etc.).

Like humans, dogs also have toxicosis, although less frequently. The greatest amount of toxicosis occurs in pregnant bitches of ornamental dwarf breeds. Of these, every second bitch suffers with poisoning, the most frequent abortions and miscarriages are observed.

There is also a strong toxicosis in females of the Boxer breed, Ca de Bou, English Bulldog, American Staffordshire Terrier. In other breeds, as a rule, toxicosis is mild.

Symptoms of toxicosis in dogs

Mild toxicosis can occur in any pregnant bitch in the third and fourth week of gestation in first-born bitches.

It lasts two to three weeks and is not dangerous for either the expectant mother or the offspring. It manifests itself bad appetite, morning vomiting white foam, selective eating foods. With a strong toxicosis observed:

  • strong thirst
  • appetite disappears completely,
  • the dog is tormented by vomiting,
  • she is depressed
  • a yellow foam appeared in vomit (this is bile)


In milder forms of toxicosis, treatment is not necessary. Over time, everything will pass by itself and the bitch will recover herself. If she has special whims in the choice of products, it is better to satisfy them, whatever she wants: meat, carrot or banana. However, everything should be in moderation, in accordance with the daily norm, based on the weight of the dog. You can also pass tests just in case: general and biochemical blood, general urine.

If a strong toxicosis appeared in the second half of pregnancy, then you need to contact a veterinarian. The fact is that dehydration of the bitch’s body can cause serious harm to the fruit, to the extent that they can die. The veterinarian will prescribe intravenous infusions of solutions for feeding the bitches and fruits.

An immediate veterinary intervention is also needed if a strong toxicosis occurs at a very late period, literally a few days before the expected birth. This suggests a dangerous pathology as a result of which the dog may fall into a toxic coma.

How to avoid toxicosis

To reduce the occurrence of dangerous complications, the bitch needs to be prepared for pregnancy. A month before the intended mating, it is better to examine the dog in the clinic for hidden chronic diseases. It is also worth to de-worming, balance the diet so as not to change it during pregnancy of the dog.

If, according to the results of the study, there were violations in the work of the organs, you must begin treatment and skip the mating.



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