How to make a dog dressing with your own hands?

Domestic dogs are much less adapted to cold than street dogs. They get used to the warmth of the home and go out into the cold very cold from one temperature difference. This is especially true for short-haired dogs. Therefore, during a cold snap, it is necessary to put on a dog at least a warmed blanket.

Its convenience lies in the fact that the sheepskin does not restrict the movement of the animal, does not constrain its gait, allowing you to frolic as you like. At the same time it is pretty easy to sew with your own hands. First of all, the boot should protect the chest, back and croup of the animal from the cold. Therefore, the winter version, like a jumpsuit, should consist of two or even three layers.

The upper layer, most often, is taken waterproof Bologna, the second layer (insulation) make wool fleece or sintepon. And so that the sheath easily slid over the wool and did not cause it to roll, a sliding lining is sewn with a third layer.

The simplest prion for a dog from a scarf with his own hands

You don’t even need to sew such a little cloth and you can always find something suitable in your closet to put a dog on in one minute to leave the house.

  1. To do this, you need a warm triangular scarf, the median of which is slightly longer (about 5 cm) from the length of the dog's back from the collar to the base of the tail.
  2. It is not necessary to take a ready-made shawl, you can simply cut out a triangle in the size of a dog from a warm, preferably stretching fabric.
  3. By the upper corner of the scarf, you can sew a loop in which the tail will be inserted, so that the cap will be firmly fixed on the dog's back and will save more heat.
  4. You can not make a loop, but cut a hole in the corner of the scarf and sweep it over.

The potonka is ready. It remains to put it on the dog's back, fasten the remaining corners of the scarf on the tail and cross it on the dog's chest, and then pull it on its back and either tie it in a knot or secure it with safety pins. The fabric above the dog's neck can be fastened with another safety pin to make a collar. However, instead of safety pins you can use beautiful brooches.

And those who know how to knit can independently make such a scarf with an already knitted hole for the tail. She can make a scarf from a scarf and not only for warming. If there are wounds or postoperative stitches on the body of the dog, a scarf will protect them from loosening and dust. In this case, it is better to use a scarf made of natural fabric: cotton or chintz and tie it to the dog not only for a walk, but also at home until full recovery.

Multiple part beater

For such a pontoon you need to carve out three details. One is cut to the size of the back of the animal with a call on the sides. Simply put a piece of cloth on the back of the dog and note where you need to cut it. This detail should reach the tail, where a special eyelet is sewn to it.

The second part is cut out on the chest, where the narrowest part will be the distance between the paws of the dog, and the widest part will be the area covering the chest and going to the sides. These two parts are connected with a wide elastic band under the neck of the animal.

On the sides of the sheath is fixed with straps or velcro. It is put on over the head, and additionally fixed on the tail and sides. So the animal will not be constrained in movement, but will be reliably protected from the cold.

Patterns blanket for dogs



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