How to stop nose bleeding in a dog?

Bleeding from the nose of the dog is manifested in the form of drops of blood that occur when sneezing. It is also possible to have a constant discharge of blood streams or drops from one or both nostrils.

Causes of nosebleeds in a dog

Blood from the nose of the dog may appear for a variety of reasons. Nasal bleeding is most often accompanied by injuries of the nose, a foreign object entering the nasal passages, growth of a tumor in the nasal cavity, a violation of the blood clotting process, and inflammatory processes.

Especially dangerous are blood diseases that cause a violation of its clotting, for example, hemophilia, as well as cardiovascular diseases. at which blood pressure rises. Less commonly, the cause of nosebleeds is a tooth abscess in a dog.

First aid

First of all, the animal must be reassured. In a state of excitement he may increase blood pressure, and this only contributes to increased bleeding. However, it is not necessary to give the animal sedatives without consulting a veterinarian.

An ice pack should be placed on the back of the dog's nose to constrict blood vessels. If after that the bleeding has not stopped or the animal has breathing problems, it is necessary to urgently call an emergency veterinary aid or take the dog to the clinic.

It is necessary to remember:

  • is there rat poison in the house
  • hard plants
  • did the dog fight with other animals
  • what medications have been given to the dog lately.

Even simple aspirin can cause bleeding tendencies. You also need to carefully examine the animal's face: is there a tumor in the dog, swelling, changes in the back of the nose, skin color, tearing, redness of the third century.

Is the dog rubbing its nose or sneezing? Still need to pay attention to the chair of the animal. With intestinal bleeding, it is black, and with gastric bleeding, the animal may have vomiting. If there is blood in the mouth and the mucous membranes are very pale, this may indicate a large blood loss. This condition requires urgent hospitalization.


Bleeding from the nose can occur due to a variety of diseases. To begin with, in order to make a diagnosis after examining an animal, blood and urine are examined. This is necessary to assess the degree of blood loss and overall health.

The ability of blood to clot. To exclude conditions in which there may be pulmonary hemorrhage (swelling or swelling of the lung, injury to the lung tissue), a chest x-ray is performed.

If these tests are normal, then most likely the problem is in the nasal cavity itself and then an x-ray examination of the nose is performed. All this allows you to establish the diagnosis and to treat the disease that caused the bleeding.



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