What should not be given to dogs?

It is very important to know how to feed the dog, as any veterinarian will tell you that the wrong diet may well cause the death of the pet ... So what should not be given to the dog?

It is important that not only a radical change in the diet or a new menu can harm the animal. Sometimes a single piece of toasted meat leads to sad consequences. Or candy cane. Or fresh avacado. In general, the food from the table of the owner.

Why not feed the dog with all the food people eat?

The fact is that animals and people have different digestive systems. And the fact that for a man is delicious, for an animal it is a tasty but dangerous poison. Moreover, some foods poison the pet immediately, while others can eat it for a long time. But it is better not to risk it. So is it better to exclude a four-legged friend from the menu once and for all?

Products that are harmful to humans:

  • alcohol,
  • tobacco,
  • hop

- all this adversely affects both the owner and his pet. Moreover, if the animal is small, then alcohol intoxication can occur even from a small piece of meat cooked in a wine sauce. And tobacco smoke that has accumulated in the room can cause breathing difficulties for the dog, tearing of the eyes, and nasal discharge.

Meat products

To begin with, ready-made meat products, unfortunately, are far from always of proper quality. Spoiled meat should not be consumed by anyone - neither the animal nor the owner. Do not give pets too salty, peppered or smoked meat products. In particular - if the smoked meat was cooked using the seasoning "Liquid smoke".

As for natural meat, then with him you need to be careful. You can not feed the dog only pork, or only the liver, or strictly chicken. And a person will howl and get sick if he is forced to eat the same thing every day. In addition, the meat must be properly cooked.

Raw may be infected with parasites, and only heat treatment of the product will protect the pet from poisoning. The same goes for fish. Consider: despite what is shown in cartoons, bones are by no means food. Neither for a dog, nor for a cat. Moreover, small fish or chicken bones scratch the palate and throat.

And if the unfortunate animal is still a bone swallowed, then in addition to an upset stomach, you can be afraid of a rupture of the esophagus. Internal bleeding often leads to death ... Pork and beef bones behave in a similar way. They're so fun to bite off the little pieces!


Vegetables are always associated with a healthy diet. But not the predators. Do not give to dogs:

  • potatoes (raw poisonous, and cooked useless),
  • rhubarb,
  • legumes,
  • onion and garlic.

You can not give avacado. Moreover, both the pulp and the bone are equally unsafe.


The dog laid eyes on a bunch of grapes or beg for raisins? Save your pet! Both that and another very badly influences the work of the kidneys in animals. Do not give the dog bones from the fruit:

  • apples,
  • pears
  • persimmon
  • peaches
  • drain

In order not to provoke vomiting in dogs, you need to keep away from them citrus fruits, as well as kiwi and pineapples.

Flour products

Flatulence or bloating in a dog, indigestion, colic, cracks in the intestines and bleeding - this is what causes a vicious passion for an addicted to baking an animal. By the way, there are a lot of cats and dogs with such an "original" gastronomic passion: be careful.

Why dogs should not be given sweets: chocolate, marmalade ...

How do people please themselves when they are sad? There are many options, but most often it is about sweets. Alas, many owners believe that it sometimes doesn’t hurt a pet to try such delicacies. This is a dangerous delusion! Chocolate is toxic to the heart and nervous system. One tile can kill an adult dog!

Strong tea and coffee pose the same threat to animals. So tasty and light yeast pastry causes our smaller brothers to have bloating and colic. Sugar provokes rapid obesity in dogs, diabetes and destroys teeth. And its substitute, xylitol, is not much better. From him, pets develop vomiting, diarrhea and liver disease.

What else can not feed a dog?

  • Milk and dairy products
  • mushrooms,
  • nuts,
  • eggs
  • spice.

It is impossible to feed animals with human vitamins and biologically active additives. And, of course, in no case do not feed spoiled food even to stray dogs. Together with the saturation, she will bring them flour, and the veterinarian will not be around ...

And finally, watch the video, where experts tell in detail what should not be given to dogs and why:



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