Raincoat for a dog: buy or sew yourself?

Dogs love to walk in any weather and rain does not frighten them. However, short-haired dogs quickly freeze in the rain. Yes, and long-haired can get wet in the rain and catch a cold. To make walks in rainy weather more comfortable, a raincoat should be put up for a dog.

The advantages of raincoats for dogs

  1. Unlike a jumpsuit, a raincoat is good because it does not hinder movement and can be quickly put on right on the street. That is, you can take it with you for a walk even if there is no rain yet, but the weather is not stable. Then a sudden rain did not interrupt the walk and drive home.
  2. Also in a raincoat the dog is not hot, because it is not as tight as a jumpsuit. Therefore, raincoats are particularly well suited for the warm season.
  3. They are sewn from modern waterproof materials and can withstand any rain.
  4. At the same time, the raincoats are very light and easy to store, and you can take them with you on vacation by placing them in any handbag.
  5. When a dog was walking in the rain in a hooded raincoat, you can enter any room with it, without fear that it will shake off and splash everything around. The dog will have no reason for such a disgrace.

A raincoat can be bought, because the modern industry of pet products offers a huge selection of bright models for dogs of various breeds and sizes.. And you can sew it yourself.

Buy or sew your own hands?

The simplest raincoat for a dog can be sewn with your own hands. To do this, you can choose a waterproof fabric. It may even suit your old raincoat or rain jacket.

  • Before you cut, the necessary measurements should be taken from the dog. The dog is measured back from collar to tail, collar circumference, waist.
  • Since the raincoat is best sewn with a hood, it is necessary to measure the head, determining the length from the collar to the eyes and the width from the bottom of one ear to the other.
  • The hood is cut out of two parts and sewn along along in order to cover the head as best as possible. But the dense form of the hood is suitable only lop-eared dogs or animals with stopped ears. For dogs with large erect ears, like a shepherd, it is better to make a volume hood with the expectation of the ears, and in order not to be blown away by the wind, draw a rubber band into its circumference.
  • The shape of a raincoat is similar to the shape of a human apron, which is tied to a dog's back.
  • Its upper wide shoulder straps fall on the dog’s neck and velcro fastened in front of the neck.
  • The second fastener (also Velcro) is located at the dog's waist. It turns out to be a raincoat that covers the dog well from neck to tail.
  • The finished hood is sewn to the part that falls on the neck, and the loop that fixes the rain cover on the tail is sewn to the part that fits to the tail.

If a female dog can add glamor to a raincoat, lace can be sewn along its outer edge. A raincoat of one-color not very bright fabric can be decorated with appliqué. Now the dog will be not only dry for a walk, but also will delight the passers-by with its cheerful look.



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