How to give a drontal plus dog? Instructions for use.

Drontal Plus for dogs and puppies is an anthelmintic, which is used for the prevention and treatment of cestodoses and nematodoses against round and tapeworms at all stages of parasite development.

As part of the funds available:

  • Pyrantel Embonat,
  • praziquantel
  • febantel

The action of the drug damages the muscle tissue and the membranes of the parasite, leads to its paralysis and death. For warm-blooded animals, which is a dog, Drontal plus has low toxicity.

Instructions to Drontal Plus for dogs: dosage, price

As for the dosage, it must be calculated depending on the weight of the animal.

  • One tablet Drontal plus is designed for 10 kg weight of an adult dog.
  • If the dog weighs more, then you need a few pills, and for a small dog you need to divide the pill into necessary parts.
  • So dogs and puppies weighing up to two kilograms are given a quarter tablet.
  • To dogs and puppies from two to five kilograms - half a tablet.
  • One tablet is necessary for an animal weighing from five to 10 kg, two tablets from 10 to 20 kg, three tablets from 20 to 30 kg, and so on.

The convenience of using this medication is that it has the taste of meat and therefore it is possible not to mask it as food or lay it in the mouth, risking your fingers. It is best to give the drug in the morning feeding the dog at the same time as eating. When using this medication does not require prior use of laxatives and starvation diets.

For the purpose of prevention, Drontal Plus should be given to the dog four times a year. Also de-worming is obligatory before mating, vaccination and 10 days before puppies are born. For therapeutic purposes, Drontal Plus is given immediately after diagnosis. This drug has no contraindications.

It can be given to old and weakened animals, as well as nursing females. It is better to give the drug to pregnant dogs only in the last stages of pregnancy, starting from the seventh week. The price of one Drontal Plus tablet is 40-80 rubles. Although the drug can be bought in packs of six tablets.

Drontal Plus Reviews

Review №1

My dog ​​is very hard to shove a pill into his mouth. Sly and dodges, from the feed always finds and spits out. And only with Drontal plus, finally I sleep well. Thanks to the taste of the meat, Jim swallows the pill on his own and no problems. That would be all dog pills made for them tasty, but still not expensive.

Ruslana, Moscow

Review number 2

I have been using Drontal plus for six years. I have no complaints, although I read on the Internet that it is poison and dogs are poisoned. It seems to me very important to comply with the dosage. If you give the dog exactly as much medicine as it should be according to its weight, then there will be no problems. And if you put pills into it for future use in order to “surely” get rid of worms, the consequences may be different.

Marina, St. Petersburg

Drontal well approached us, although the previous drug did not completely expel the worms. And after Drontal, I personally saw them myself. Now our girl is waiting for puppies and we, too, from the 21st day of the day will be stalking Drontal.

Vyacheslav, Novosibirsk



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