Why does the dog refuse to eat?

A dog may refuse to eat for a variety of reasons and not all of them are an alarming sign of illness. For example, about once a week or ten days, many dogs arrange a fasting day for themselves and do not eat even their favorite food.

The appetite and desire to move actively disappears in animals in the heat, after very serious physical exertion. Some dogs are too picky about food and are ready to starve for several days, seeking the owner's favorite goodies. And for many bitches, their appetite decreases during estrus.

Physical causes of dog refusal of food and lethargy

Virtually any disease is associated with a dog with loss of appetite. The animal feels bad, lethargic, it may have pain, nausea, depression.

  • Certain products or their form can cause discomfort.
  • For example, when a dog has a rash on the mucous membrane of the mouth, it is painful to eat dry food.
  • Interfere with food intake can and pain in the abdomen, which the dog can associate with the food that ate the last time.
  • Certain medications or treatments, such as chemotherapy, cause nausea. In this case, the rejection of food is not a symptom of the disease, but a consequence of treatment.
  • Some medicines, such as antibiotics, can cause liver discomfort and irritation in the stomach. Unwillingness to have a dog can cause any type of pain: from a wound, in the joints, a dog after surgery. In such a situation, the dog is always lethargic.

If in the summer you walk with your pet and suddenly he becomes sluggish, lies down on the grass, the dog is breathing heavily, and at home refuses the usual food, he may have experienced a heat stroke.

What if the dog refuses to eat?

The lethargy and refusal of the dog to eat may not mean anything terrible, so being a sign of very serious diseases and dangerous conditions. For example, if a sucking tick was recently found on a dog, a change in its behavior may indicate infection with piroplasmosis. This requires an urgent appeal for help from a doctor.

The same symptoms are observed at an early stage of the disease plague. It is necessary to examine the mucous membrane of the mouth for ulcers or red spots that may indicate stomatitis and other gum infections. Yes, and broken or sick teeth cause discomfort and refusal to eat. In this case, you need to contact a dog dentist.

Discharge and unpleasant smell from the ears may indicate the presence of an ear infection, which is often associated with an allergy in the dog. The animal must be transferred to hypoallergenic feed and taken to the veterinarian. If the dog is already undergoing some kind of treatment and after taking medicine or manipulations, she has become sluggish and has lost her appetite, you can consult with your doctor if you can replace any drugs.

If the dog does not find a place for himself, it is clearly painful to lie down, she gets up and arches her back, this indicates that she has a stomach ache. This may indicate diseases of the stomach, liver, intestines or kidneys. Also that something hurts a dog will show:

  • lethargy,
  • labored breathing,
  • shiver,
  • drowsiness,
  • irritability.

All of these conditions require an immediate consultation with a veterinarian, as there are situations when an operation and an urgent call to the veterinarian may be necessary, for example, when turning the bowels.



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