What to feed Doberman?

The Doberman is an excellent working dog, and the health and good performance of the dog’s duties depend on its proper feeding.

What to feed Doberman and how to do it? First of all, nutrition should be balanced.

Feeding Doberman with natural food

Doberman's favorite food is meat. The rate for an adult animal is 500 grams per day. However, if the dog is actively training, then up to a kilogram. It is better to give him raw lean beef, after pouring it with boiling water. Its coarse and wiry structure activates the gastrointestinal tract and helps strengthen the jaw.

Pork is better not to give, or in extreme cases not very fatty and well cooked. By-products (boiled internal organs) are given only after six months of age and not every day, and meat is generally best avoided. Useful to Doberman:

  • cottage cheese,
  • sour milk
  • kefir,
  • omelette
  • and raw eggs (one per week).

Need in the diet and boiled sea fish without internal organs and bones. Food Doberman should also be rich in fiber. To do this, he boil:

  1. millet,
  2. cereals,
  3. rice or buckwheat,
  4. give bran.

However, doberman does not need to include barley, semolina and corn in the diet. Vegetables are also very useful: raw cabbage and carrots, which can be given in the form of a salad with sour cream or vegetable oil. In such a salad, you can add nettles, pour boiling water, as well as finely chopped lettuce and parsley.

Doberman can also make salads with beets, cucumbers, tomatoes and zucchini. Older dogs are especially helpful vegetables. Feeding adult Dobermans with natural food during the day looks like this: boil porridge (500–900 grams) in broth or water, then slice offal or meat (500–1000 grams), and also some grated vegetables (100–200 grams) .

Two or three times a week, the meat is replaced with fish. Doberman should not be given: cutlets, sausages and sausages - all this causes gastritis in a dog and even an ulcer. Also contraindicated sugar, potatoes.

Feeding doberman puppy

  • A doberman puppy at the age of one month is fed up to 6 times a day, distributing 100-250 grams of meat, 400-500 ml of milk, 70-100 grams of cereals, yolk of one chicken egg, 100-150 grams of cottage cheese, 130-150 grams of vegetables.
  • A 2-3-month-old puppy is fed 3-4 times, gradually increasing the amount of food: meat per 100 grams, cereals and vegetables per 50 grams. And only the consumption of milk should be reduced by 100 ml.
  • By the fifth month, the puppy is fed 2-3 times a day, giving 500-600 gm of meat, 200 gm of cereals, a full egg, 150 gm of vegetables (more often cabbage), 200 gm of cottage cheese and 500 ml of milk.
  • By the year, the daily ration gradually increases to 700 gm of meat (once a week - 750-800 gm of fish), 300-400 gm of cereals, 500 gm of cottage cheese and 350-400 gm of vegetables.

Feeding doberman dry food

The choice of the right diet should be approached, guided by the weight of the Doberman. So, if an adult dog weighs less than 23 kilograms, then any high-quality dry and semi-dry food suitable for large breed dogs is suitable for its feeding. A special choice will be special canned food for dogs.

Doberman is a very active dog that needs digestible protein. It is contained only in high quality feed. It is important that such food often has a small amount and the dog does not overeat, getting the required number of calories.

Veterinarians have observed that the Dobermans, who feed on dry food, are less likely to suffer from torsion and expansion of the stomach. It should be remembered that dry food should not be "diluted" with cereal, meat or vegetables - that is, any natural product. This may cause gastric disorders, allergic reactions, pancreatic and kidney diseases in Doberman.

Only an aging dog with teeth problems, dry food can be softened with a small amount of kefir. If the dog is capricious and does not want to eat a well-chosen dry food, his taste can be improved by adding a little cheese or favorite Doberman canned food. Also sold special sauces supplements. If the weight of the Doberman exceeds 23 kilograms, then it is better to feed it with special dietary dry food for dogs, which prevents obesity.

An adult Doberman cannot be given puppy food, as it is rich in minerals and protein, which leads to obesity. As a prophylactic, it is also worthwhile for an adult Doberman to choose a diet that prevents the appearance of gum disease and teeth.

When feeding Doberman with dry food, a pet should always have a bowl of fresh water.



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