How to feed a Kurzhaar?

The feeding of the Kurzhaar has its own characteristics and this is due to the fact that it is a hunting dog and, like all members of the hunting breeds, it is very energetic and active.

If you buy a puppy from an intelligent breeder, then he should give you a detailed answer to the question “How to feed a Kurzhaar and how to do it correctly”? Efficiency and overall health largely depends on the quality of nutrition and regime. And at different periods in the life of the dog, the food should correspond to the age requirements of the Kurzhaar.

Feeding the Kurzhaar with Natural Food

Immediately after weaning the puppy from the mother’s breast, dairy products are especially necessary for him:

  • milk,
  • kefir,
  • cottage cheese, preferably low-fat or no more than 1% fat.

They also give raw yolk and cheese, gradually adding scalded and ground chicken meat or beef without fat.

How many times a day feed kurtshaar? They feed the baby 5 times a day. From the age of three months, the meat becomes the basis of the diet, and the share of dairy products begins to decline gradually, and in the six months of age the milk ceases to be given, only cottage cheese and kefir remain, and are fed three times a day.

You can add vitamins to food, vegetables and fruits are required. Porridge can be cooked from any cereals, except for barley. From the annual age of the puppy transferred to two meals. Bakery products, potatoes and sweets, as well as tubular bones are not needed for both a puppy and an adult kurtshaar. Spicy, smoked, fatty and salty food spoils the sense of smell of the hunter.

Feeding the Kurzhaar with dry food

If it is decided to feed the dog with industrial rations, then it is necessary to choose premium or super premium class feeds that are made from high-quality raw materials. The choice of such feed is great, but for the Kurzhaar it is necessary to choose food from those intended for active dogs or athletes.

Especially such a diet is necessary for the dog during an active hunt. Dry food must also be carefully selected according to the age of the dog, because at different periods of her life, she has different body needs. So, puppy food is designed for intensive growth, and food for older dogs is the prevention of many age-related diseases.

The daily dose of feed indicated on the package should be clearly followed. It can not be increased, if the dog really likes the food, it can very badly affect the health and efficiency of the kurtshaar. Puppies up to three months of age are soaked in feed pellets in water or kefir. From the age of five months, solid granules of the required size, well suited for the timely replacement of teeth, will work well.

When feeding kurtshaar with high-quality food, it is better not to give the dog any additional products or additives. Such food is well balanced and any supplement can lead to a number of diseases and metabolic disorders.



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