Instructions for the use of kiltiks dog collar (kiltix)

Kiltiks dog collar (manufactured by the German company Bayer) against fleas and ticks provides long-lasting protection against parasites. You can buy it for the whole season and from April to October the dog will be protected.

This is the longest validity of similar products.

What is remarkable kiltiks dog collar

The collar is a yellow polyvinyl tape with a Bayer trademark. The tape contains propoxur and flumetrin as active ingredients. 10 grams of tape contains 1 gram of propoxur and 0.225 grams of flumetrine.

Kiltiks collars come in three sizes:

  1. For large breed dogs, its length is 66 cm,
  2. for dogs of medium breeds - 48 cm,
  3. for the smallest - 35 cm.

For better preservation of properties, collars are kept in hermetically sealed plastic bags.

Instructions for use

  • After opening the package, the collar must be unfolded, the plastic lintels should be removed from the inside.
  • After that, you can put the product on the animal, adjusting it in size so that there is no more than 1-1.5 cm gap between the collar and the animal's neck.
  • The free end of the tape is passed through the loop, and the excess is cut.

Continuous use of the Kiltix dog collar around the clock for seven months protects the dog from tick, flea and other insect attacks. Also occurs the destruction of parasites on the body of the animal.

Standing out gradually from the surface of the tape, chemicals are transferred to the skin and hair of the animal and have a repellent synergistic insect-acaricidal effect on ixodid ticks and insects parasitizing dogs. Exposure occurs before the tick bite, which prevents infection of dogs with piroplasmosis.

Rules for using kiltix collar for dogs

In order to provide the dog with maximum protection against fleas and ticks, it is necessary to follow a number of rules:

  1. Kiltiks dog collar should be worn constantly.
  2. The collar must be worn on the dog at least one day before going to the places where there is a potential attack of ixodid ticks: parks, squares, forest.
  3. Before walking in places of possible and rather large accumulations of dog paw mites, it is desirable to treat it with insecticidal aerosol.

Contraindications and side effects

  • The kiltix collar is only used on healthy dogs.
  • It should not be used for recovering and sick with infectious diseases for animals, pregnant and lactating bitches, as well as puppies younger than two months of age.
  • The collar is well tolerated by healthy animals of any breed, does not irritate the skin and does not spoil the wool.

However, Kiltix dog collar is toxic to bees and fish. In case of individual hypersensitivity of the animal to flumetrine or propoxur and when the first signs of skin irritation appear, the collar should be removed from the dog.


The cost of the collar depends on its length. A 35 cm product costs about 400 rubles, with a length of 48 cm it is 430 rubles and the price of a collar 66 cm long is about 470 rubles.



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