How to treat spondylosis in dogs?

Spondylosis in dogs is a local “aging” of the spinal segments, in which degenerative changes occur in them and bone growth is formed - osteophytes.

They irritate the anterior longitudinal ligament of the spine and sometimes because of them the bodies of the adjacent vertebrae coalesce. Osteophytes put pressure on the nerve roots and narrow the spinal canal. The disease progresses slowly and initially affects the outer fibers of the fibrous ring.

Over time, the dog becomes less mobile lumbar spine, changes the shape of the chest. Most often, spondylosis occurs in dogs older than 6 years in the absence of manifestations of sciatica and lumbago.

This is an age-related disease, but its development can be promoted by a prolonged static load in case of violations of posture, spinal injuries, osteochondrosis, hypothermia, and metabolic disorders. The hereditary factor is also important. Most often, this disease is recorded in boxers, of which 90% are incurable and die.

Symptoms of spondylosis in dogs

The main external manifestation of the disease is limited mobility in the lumbar spine. If the disease is of medium severity, the dog, due to the painful sensations, refuses to jump, move along stairs, inclined surfaces.

It is difficult for her to get up and fit, and when she presses on her back, she reacts painfully. Also, the pain intensifies after a long motionless position and when the weather changes. In the dog, the shape of the back is noticeably changing, the hardened chest is felt.

With a severe form of the disease, a dog is observed partial or complete paralysis, impaired coordination of movements. As a rule, spondylosis is detected by X-ray examination of other diseases.

Treatment of the disease

In non-admitted cases, to begin with, it is possible to conduct therapy with homeopathic preparations. Its goal is to stop the further process of tissue destruction. It is also possible to use absorbing agents to dissolve growths, for example, injection of lidaz.

To relieve pain applied anesthetic for dogs. Also used in the treatment of acupuncture and electroacupuncture on the biological points of the pulsed current with a frequency of 10 Hz and low strength. On average, 7-10 sessions of 10-30 minutes in length are conducted. Between sessions recommended acupressure. Additionally, the exchange processes are additionally activated by the course of the protectors.



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