What and how to feed a miniature schnauzer puppy and an adult dog?

When purchasing a small miniature schnauzer, it is necessary to ask the breeder how to feed the puppies and how to continue the habitual regime for the baby at least the first days of adaptation.

If a puppy eats with great eagerness, it is necessary to strictly monitor its weight and diet so as not to overfeed. Otherwise, a small miniature schnauzer will develop too quickly, which will lead to problems with the development of the dog's skeleton.

This breed is quite capricious in food and therefore from early childhood the miniature schnauzer needs to be taught to eat what is useful and not what it likes. Feed dogs of this breed can be both natural and dry food.

Feeding the miniature schnauzer with natural food: an approximate diet

Miniature Schnauzer of any age needs:

  • in meat,
  • sea ​​fish,
  • dairy products
  • eggs,
  • cereals,
  • fruits and vegetables.

From meat it is better to choose horse meat, beef and lamb. They are given raw, cut into small pieces for a puppy and large - for an adult dog. Internal organs (heart, liver, lungs, scar) are given to dogs after six months and only boiled, no more than once a week. It is better to give fish only sea, crude and boneless.

It is given instead of meat twice a week. Of cereals, miniature schnauzers are best suited for oatmeal, millet or buckwheat, from dairy products:

  1. milk (up to a year),
  2. cottage cheese,
  3. sour milk,
  4. kefir.

The most useful vegetables are carrots, beets, cabbage, parsley. They are given in any form (salads, stews, etc.) every day.

How many times to feed a miniature schnauzer puppy and an adult pet?

The number of feedings and daily feed amount depends on the age of the dog. Puppies up to four months should eat four times a day for 80-180 grams.

By half a year puppies switch to three meals a day and their daily rate increases to 400 grams. By the year, miniature schnauzer puppies should receive food twice a day, however, as their growth stops, the daily volume of food remains at 400 grams.

An adult dog of this breed also eats twice a day, but its nutritional rate should be slightly reduced - up to 350 grams, because at the moment this breed is used as a decorative one and due to the small mobility in the house, it is at high risk of getting obesity from abundant food. .

Feeding the miniature schnauzer with dry feed

Feeding dry food is convenient because the owner of the capricious miniature schnauzer does not need to develop a menu, go shopping for fresh products, and therefore persuade the pet to eat a healthy salad. To go to dry food puppy must be at least two months.

It is better to soak the first portions in a small amount of warm boiled water or in kefir to make it easier for the puppy to chew the granules. If the breeder fed natural food, you can continue this practice for up to five months, and then gradually transfer the pet to dry food. It is at this age that the dog's milk teeth are changed to permanent and dry granules to help to remove children's teeth faster and more naturally.

Choose a dry feed is not lower than premium, made from high quality raw materials. They contain all the vitamins and microelements necessary for the dog and it will not have to be additionally fed with separate tablets. Dry food is selected only in accordance with the pet's age.

For puppies, special food is needed and only after one year of the fast-growing miniature schnauzer can be transferred to adult dog food. If the dog moves a little and is over five years old, you can choose a low-calorie diet food for dogs with low activity or for aging animals. When feeding a miniature schnauzer with dry food, a pet must always have a bowl of fresh water.

If the pet is very capricious and does not want to eat selected dry food, you can combine it with his favorite canned food. However, canned and dry food should be of the same brand.



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