How to treat rheumatism in dogs?

Rheumatism (or Buyo-Sokolsky disease) is a disease of the connective tissue of all organs and systems. They suffer from animals from 6 months to a very old age.

Often, the puppy develops rheumatism and, after strengthening the immune system, symptoms often do not recur. But in middle-aged and older dogs, the disease becomes chronic, aggravating in cold and wet weather or after swimming in cold water in hot weather.

Causes of rheumatism in dogs

Veterinarians have quite a few causes of rheumatism. First of all, these are external factors:

  • sudden weather changes that affect weather-sensitive dogs,
  • adverse conditions in the street in a wet kennel.

The risk group also includes an animal that was bathed after one walk and did not have time to completely dry before another, and a rainy autumn or spring day outside. However, the most important danger of doctors is streptococcal infection. The greatest risk of rheumatism increases after suffering pharyngitis, sore throats.

Although not every dog, having had angina, develops rheumatism. There is a predisposition of the body to streptococcal infection. There is also a genetic predisposition to rheumatism, which in some breeds is inherited.

At the genetic level, the inclination to this disease is present in poodles, Pekingese, Chow Chows, and South American Staffordshire Terrier. The body also weakens poor nutrition, reducing its natural resistance.

Symptoms of rheumatism in dogs

Exacerbation of the disease doctors call rheumatic fever. It begins to manifest itself in the form of intermittent claudication, stiffness or weakness of the pelvic limbs. soreness of individual muscle groups. The animal clearly does not want to move, often stops for a walk, does not go upstairs, does not jump on the sofa, the dog limps into one or different legs, with an awkward movement screams.

The dog hardly rises, does not wag a tail, can shiver. However, her appetite may be the same or slightly reduced. All these symptoms can occur with varying degrees of severity and in various combinations.

Rheumatism often occurs with acute pain, the dog is restless and whines. She cannot find a place for herself, takes a forced posture - “hunches”, tries to move carefully. Often the disease is accompanied by purulent cystitis. More often rheumatic diseases are recorded in the off-season - in the fall and spring in wet weather.

Muscular rheumatism is characterized by volatile pains with intermittent claudication. Symptoms may disappear on their own for several days and then resume again.

Diagnosis and treatment

Since symptoms can indicate different diseases, correct diagnosis is important. Previously, it was enough to give an aspirin pill to stop the symptoms of rheumatism, and therefore find out that this is exactly the disease. Now more often used corticosteroids.

If in a couple of hours the dog frolics, as if she didn’t have anything, then the symptoms indicated exactly rheumatism. First aid for exacerbation of rheumatism is provided by applying anesthetic and anti-inflammatory drugs:

  • baralgin,
  • Pentalgin,
  • piroxicam,
  • analgin,
  • spazgan,
  • rimadil and others.

It is better to give an incomplete dose, because, without feeling pain at all, the dog ceases to take care of the damaged area and injury may occur which will irreparably harm the spine. After that, you need to consult a doctor for a more accurate diagnosis.

Uncomplicated rheumatic attack is stopped quickly with anti-inflammatory drugs:

  1. prednisone,
  2. dexamethasone,
  3. piroxicam,
  4. ketopen,
  5. baralgin,
  6. Pentalgin N,
  7. analgin with diphenhydramine.

A course is needed for 3-5 days with the use of group B vitamins and broad spectrum antibiotics. In case of violation of the ability to move or the sensitivity of the extremities, vascular agents are injected into the course of treatment: trental, dibazol. Prevention for rheumatism is to prevent overcooling dogs. In wet weather, it is better to wear it for a walk in overalls, do not bathe the animal during the cold season or immediately dry it with a hairdryer.



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