How to feed a golden retriever?

When you buy a golden retriever, be sure to ask the breeder: “How to feed a puppy of a golden retriever and how to do it correctly”? An intelligent seller will give you detailed instructions and recommendations.

The golden retriever is completely unpretentious in food, unless, of course, he was spoiled with handouts from the table or allowed to act up in front of a bowl. This is a large dog with a beautiful coat and these features should be considered when choosing a pet food ration.

Feeding a Golden Retriever with Natural Food

When feeding a golden retriever with natural products, it is very important to observe the correct regimen and calculate the most harmonious diet. At least half of the menu should be raw meat (turkey, beef, chicken), fish (no more than once a week) and cottage cheese.

Another quarter of the ration is cereals (buckwheat or rice) and another quarter - vegetables:

  • carrot,
  • beet,
  • cabbage,
  • pumpkin,
  • turnip,
  • greenery.

Meat should not be fatty; skin should be removed from poultry. Meat with coarse streaks (beef) is best suited, also by-products (hearts, liver, lung, beef scar) are needed a couple of times a week, and only cooked. However, it is necessary to start giving offal little by little, as they can cause indigestion.

Fish should choose lean sea. Grind vegetables and grate them raw or stew them in five minutes and give the dog with a tablespoon of vegetable oil. Dairy products are also required.

How many times to feed a golden retriever?

Up to five months, a small retriever is fed 4-6 times a day, dividing the daily dose into small portions. The daily dose includes 300 grams of meat, 150 grams of cottage cheese, 100 grams of fruits and vegetables (better carrots and apples), 500 grams of milk porridge.

By the age of eight months, a puppy can be transferred to feeding twice a day. The peculiarity of the puppy retriever's diet is that before the main tooth is changed (that is, up to 6-8 months), it should receive cottage cheese, kefir and yogurt every day. He also needs milk (up to 6 months), which is given both to just drink and boil porridge on it. For the correct and timely replacement of teeth, you can buy cartilage, knee joints and veins.

Feeding a Golden Retriever with Dry Feed

It is better for the retriever to choose a premium or super premium series feed. For puppies, you should choose specialized foods labeled as "for puppies of large breeds". Also, adult dogs need to choose food, designed for large breeds, because it provides minerals necessary for joints, forced to withstand solid weight.

Many golden retrievers are prone to allergies to many cheap feeds. This is manifested by a change in the color of the skin and coat, the dog begins to itch. This becomes a problem for show dogs, and treatment takes a lot of time. Because you need to choose food carefully, offering the dog not large portions.

One of the best bases for high-quality dry food for golden retrievers is lamb meat. It is less likely to cause a rash in dogs prone to food allergies.



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