What are the symptoms and treatment of heart attack in dogs?

A dog’s heart attack results from an acute circulatory disorder. In older dogs, this is a fairly common pathology.

It can also develop in stressful situations when a dog is constantly afraid of something.

Causes of heart attacks in dogs

Causes of a heart attack are acute circulatory disorders that result from prolonged arterial spasms. A variety of heart diseases can lead to an attack. Also, a serious illness, such as hepatitis, can be the cause of a heart attack.

In young dogs, an attack can be caused by congenital or severe physical exertion, both regular and sudden. Such breeds as Dobermans and Yorkshire terriers have a hereditary predisposition to heart diseases.


  • With a heart attack, the dog is breathing hard and fast.
  • She can cough. At the same time her mucous membranes turn pale, her tongue turns blue. Even the ears can turn white due to the fact that the blood vessels on the ears become thinner.
  • In severe cases, there are signs of an epileptic seizure, the dog can not stand on his feet.
  • There may be choking attacks when the animal cannot breathe.

First aid for heart attack

At the first signs of the symptoms described, especially if the animal is aging or has heart disease, first of all it needs 5 drops of cardiamine or 10-15 drops of Corvalol (depending on the dog's weight) on the tongue.

If breathing is very difficult, the dog can be given a sniff of any aromatic salt or oil. In this case, it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance veterinary aid or transport the animal to the clinic carefully.


For the appointment of optimal treatment requires additional examinations:

  1. blood tests,
  2. Ultrasound of the heart,
  3. ECG,
  4. x-ray

If the attack occurred in a puppy, then such attacks may be associated with an uneven growth of internal organs and a lack of calcium. The purpose of treatment depends entirely on the diagnosis of a specific heart disease. So, with endocarditis (inflammation of the inner lining of the heart) sulfonamides and antibiotics give a good effect.

Also used antiallergic drugs, vitamin therapy, cardiovascular drugs. Myocardosis is treated with caffeine, glucose, give camphor, ascorbic acid, sulfocamphocain. Adrenaline is used for a sharp drop in blood pressure. In the future, the dog must be protected from stress, stress and anxiety.



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