Do dogs have an abortion?

It is impossible for a dog to perform the same abortion as a woman, that is, to take out the fruit so that the bitch still has the opportunity to get pregnant again and carry the pups.

This is due to the physiological structure of the uterus of the dog, from which it is impossible to extract the fruit without damaging the uterus itself. There are two options for interrupting an unwanted pregnancy If the owners of the dog do not plan to engage in breeding at all or this dog should not participate in breeding for some reason, then it will be sterilized.

This is abdominal surgery, in which the fruits are cut out together with the uterus and ovaries. A dog is sterilized at any time during pregnancy under general anesthesia. However, it is best to sterilize the dog in early pregnancy. Such an operation creates a threat not only to the health, but also to the life of the dog due to the possibility of a large blood loss.

The fact is that the uterus during pregnancy due to the blood flowing to it increases significantly in size. Therefore, proper treatment of stitches and careful postoperative care is very important. The second abortion option is used if the dog is pedigree and the owners plan its participation in breeding, but at the moment there is an occasional mating with an unplanned dog.

In such a situation, a medical abortion is used. More precisely, the task to be set is not to allow the dog to become pregnant. For this, as soon as possible after mating, the bitch is given an injection of the hormone estrogen.

In this case, pregnancy does not occur, since fertilized eggs can not be fixed in the uterus and naturally exit. However, you should always bear in mind that such actions very often lead to negative consequences for the health of the bitch.

What is dangerous abortion for dogs?

Complications occur almost always up to inflammation of the uterus and even death. One of these drugs is mesalin. It is administered on the third and fifth day after unplanned mating. If the bitch has knitted several times or the exact time of the mating is unknown, then the drug is additionally administered on the seventh day. The dose of the drug - 0.5 mg per 10 kg of dog weight.

Big problems may arise in calculating the dose for dogs of small breeds. The fact is that large doses of Messalina can cause pathological changes in the uterus or in the blood. And often little dogs die after using this drug.

Since both variants of termination of pregnancy in a dog are rather dangerous, in the case of unplanned fertilization, it is more humane to allow your dog to give birth and feed puppies. And after - to take care of its sterilization or closely monitor the process of estrus.



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