Trimming and trimming the West Highland White Terrier

Dogs of the breed West Highland White Terrier need not only a haircut, but also constant trimming, which has some peculiarities.

When trimming, the regrown hair is plucked using special tools or hands. The new growing wool forms a new more attractive layer. For the first time a puppy is trimmed at the age of three to four months, when the wool is already ripe.

Throughout the body, you need to pull out long strands, leaving a more rigid and short hair. Ideally, such trimming should be done about once a month. Then the West Highland White Terrier will not only always look well-groomed, but it will also be easy to transfer the procedure itself.

If you trim the West Highland White rarely, it will look unkempt, and even after trimming, the short wool will stick in shreds. This can be corrected only by pulling out all the wool to bare skin, or mow a pet. However, a haircut makes the wool softer. She gets dirty, bad fit, and further trimming is complicated.

How to cut West Highland White Terrier

Haircut at West Highland White is allowed only in the area of ​​the anus, on the head, chest and paws. These are the most sensitive areas, compared to the back, sides, neck and tail. However, all the same, better and more sensitive areas, especially on the paws, trimming even if the dog does not attend the exhibition.

Too soft trimmed hair on the paws will knock and get dirty, which is not the case with the correct hard wool. At the exhibition, trimming should be done only by an expert. Although this procedure is worth pretty much - about 2000 rubles. However, between visits to a specialist, you can take care of a dog yourself.

Basic rules for West Highland (West) haircuts



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