Instructions for use Prazitel for dogs and puppies

Prazitel is a drug for the fight against helminths (cestodosis and nematodoses), which has a wide spectrum of action and high quality. There are types of the drug for small breeds of dogs, as well as large and medium breeds and puppies.

In addition to nematodoses and cestodoses, the drug acts on mixed helminthic invasions. The composition of Prazitel includes active components (pyrantel pamoat and praziquantel), which act on fumarate reductase, inhibiting them. They also destroy the stability of the muscle cells of the parasite, cause immobilization, a breakdown of energy metabolism and, as a result, the death of the helminth and its release from the dog's intestines.

Prazitel affects all stages of helminth development in dogs. Even with a single dose, the therapeutic effect is achieved in at least 95% of cases. Due to the original consistency of the suspension of the drug, it is well fixed in the mouth and the animal can not remove it from the mouth. It is better to set the medicine with a small amount of feed in the morning feeding or with the help of a dispenser injected to the root of the tongue.

If the animal is very infected with worms, the drug is best set twice with a difference of 10 days. As a preventive measure, deworming is carried out every quarter, as well as 10 days before vaccination or before the planned pregnancy.

The form and dosage of prazitel for dogs and puppies: instructions for use

The drug is available in the form of a suspension of light yellow color, packaged in dark polymer bottles with a capacity of 20 ml. It is intended for ingestion at the rate of 1 ml per 1 kg of body weight of the animal. If a small puppy weighs less than 1 kg, then the drug is calculated at the rate of 0.1 ml per 100 g of dog's weight.

A syringe dispenser has been added to the vial for conveniently counting the dose of the drug and its safe entry. Also included in the packaging Prazitel stickers for veterinary animal passports. The medicine tastes good, which makes it easier to enter. From the body of the animal suspension is completely eliminated after 24 hours.

The maximum concentration of active substances in the blood plasma after giving the drug is noted in two to four hours. Conveniently, before applying the drug there is no need to use laxatives and a preliminary starvation diet.

The main thing is to shake the vial with suspension well before use. With the right dosage, the suspension is completely safe for animals. The price of a bottle of prazitel for dogs and puppies ranges from 130 to 150 rubles.


Prazitel contraindicated:

  • the smallest puppies up to two weeks;
  • pregnant dogs in early pregnancy;
  • an infectious disease patient
  • exhausted puppies and dogs.

It is also not recommended to use it simultaneously with other anthelmintic drugs, especially those that include piperazine. The drug is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance to its components.

Prazitel reviews for dogs

Review №1

My three-month-old puppy had worms and so I turned to the veterinary pharmacy. I was advised precisely Prazitel, because it is suitable especially for puppies. And indeed the drug helped. But what worried me the most was the fact that at the same time the dog’s state of health was fairly familiar, there were no side effects after using Prazitel. Now I use it constantly.

Igor, Novosibirsk

Review number 2

I read about Prazitele on the Internet, on the forums I was highly praised as one of the best medicines for getting rid of worms in dogs. In principle, I can say that they did not deceive. My dog, two years and two months ago, had to be tested and at the same time he found worms. I independently gave this medicine and repeated analysis on helminths showed that my dog ​​is completely healthy. So I can safely recommend to everyone.

Nikita, Yekaterinburgg

Review number 3

We recently from a shelter took a little pooch, that is, still quite a puppy. In principle, they decided to get rid of worms and without tests, purely for preventive purposes. I read a lot of reviews about drugs and chose Prazitel, because they wrote a lot about him on reputable online resources.

For my part, I can say only good things about the preparation. The treatment did not cause any negative consequences. Now I continue to plan prazitel for the prevention and treatment. It is also convenient to give medicine.

Vera, Moscow

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