Exercise "intelligence shelter"

And finally, we will talk about the program of training dogs for the defensive service, after successfully passing which, the dog is awarded a diploma of the 3rd degree, that is, the highest degree.

The first exercise is to explore shelter. The trainer hides in such a way that, before finding him, the dog must undertake five or six intelligence services. While the dog is searching the shelter, the owner must keep the middle of the platform and may give commands "Search!" and "Forward!" When the dog finds the trainer, the owner stops on the spot.

The dog should bark at the trainer until the owner, having approached the shelter, commands her "To the leg!" After that, he takes the trainer out of the shelter, orders the dog to lie at a distance of 3-4 steps and searches both the detainee and the shelter, while the dog continues to lie, carefully watching the detainee. At a certain point, when the owner leaves, the trainer makes an attempt to escape.

The dog must intervene in a timely manner and prevent an escape attempt by clutching a detainee. As soon as the last one freezes, the dog must open its teeth and continue guarding it. After a few moments, the intruder attacks the dog, threatening it with a whip or a stick. The dog must immediately react and fight with it. Having struck her two blows, the intruder stops aggressive actions.

As soon as he stops, the dog must open his teeth and continue to guard him. After that, the owner and the dog begin to escort the violator for about 50 steps. The dog and the owner should stay about 5 steps away from the intruder. Having made 50 steps, the intruder suddenly rushes at the owner, the dog must again, as soon as possible, intervene and show high militancy. When the intruder gives up, the dog must unclench his teeth and continue to keep his guard posture, while the owner disarms the detainee, taking the stick from him.

During the subsequent escort, the dog must be between the detainee and the owner. Then the dog and the owner leave the area, and the offender hides behind a shelter at a distance of about 100 steps. Upon the return of the dog and the owner to the site, the intruder comes out from behind the shelter, and the owner orders him to stop, while holding the dog by the collar. The offender, however, does not stop, but embarks on flight. The owner releases the dog and she rushes in pursuit.

The landlord goes in their usual direction and stops at a distance of about 40 steps. As soon as the intruder stops resisting, the dog must open his teeth and remain alert. Finally, the intruder makes another attempt to attack the dog, raising the stick ominously. After she grabs him by the sleeve, he should put two blows to the sides or to the withers. These are the only parts of the body that can be hit with a stick.

As soon as the detainee calms down, the dog should unclench his teeth, but remain on the watchman. After about 30 seconds, the master approaches the detainee, disarms him and escorts him, which ends the exercise.



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