How to cut a miniature schnauzer?

The haircut and trimming of the miniature schnauzer have their own distinctive features. The German standard in the description of the breed says that its coat should be wired, thick and tough to the touch.

The coat of this dog consists of undercoat and coarse rather short hair. Each top coat, growing to a certain length, dies off. It is ready to moult, but does not fall out on its own, therefore it must be mechanically removed - trimmed, that is, plucked.

Many people think that it is enough to pull out the wool with your hands twice a year to support the natural change of wool in the miniature schnauzer. But if the hair matures faster and the dog's coat is harder, then it can partially fall out on its own and the dog takes on a not neat look.

Wool grows in layers, which differ not only in length, but also in quality. The topmost, “old” layer of dead dull hairs covers the bottom of a clean and healthy coat. The top layer is ready for change and is easily plucked by hand, since this wool is already dead.

Dead wool should be carefully grabbed (only the longest hairs) and removed without damaging the bottom layer. A new coat will stay for several months until the next trimming procedure.

The basic rules for cutting and trimming a miniature schnauzer

The procedure for plucking from a young miniature schnauzer begins in the warm season from four months of age. On average, the dog is trimmed 2-3 times a year, preferably in spring and autumn. It matures in 4-6 months, and this process is different for each dog. When preparing the dog for the show, trimming must be done a month and a half or two months before the event.

It is better to pull out black dogs with a brown undercoat no later than in a month and a half. Also, as the hair grows, the undercoat must be pinched a few more times, as it grows faster than an awn. Trimming a miniature schnauzer does not everywhere, but only the body, excluding the head and lower part of the neck, as well as the front paws and internal parts of the hind legs.

The head (with the exception of the muzzle) and the inner thighs of the hind legs are clipped with scissors or a special machine. The front legs, the muzzle and the bottom of the hind legs are only trimmed with scissors to create a neat look. For the correct trimming of a miniature schnauzer, if there is no experience, it is better not to turn to an experienced master.

Most mistakes are not knowing the owners of dogs make haircuts. If the dog is not preparing for the exhibition, then it is better for the owner to master the wisdom of trimming and haircut of tsver on his own.

How to trim a miniature schnauzer yourself? Necessary tools.

However, a miniature schnauzer cosmetic haircut before an exhibition can best be done only by a specialist. To bring the pet to the standard form you will need:

  • trimming knife,
  • Hairdressing scissors,
  • thick metal hairbrush
  • mechanical or electric dog clippers.

Trimming is performed from the neck to the tail, from top to bottom. The plucking starts from the neck, then lowers to the back and sides to the bottom of the chest, goes to the shoulder blades to the elbow, hips to the hock joints and trim the tail from above.

  1. With the thumb of the right hand, the wool is pressed against the blade of the knife, and at this time the left hand is sure to hold the skin.
  2. Then a sharp jerk of wool is removed. The pinch should be made in small bunches and only in the direction of the growth of the wool. This way, both the awn and the undercoat are completely removed and the dog remains completely naked.
  3. The remains of hair can be removed by the machine. If at this time on the street is cool, then on walking the dog you need to protect the blanket.

After trimming, you need to move to the remaining parts of the body: head, neck and inner thighs, chest in front, belly and area under the tail. In some dogs, these parts are also well plucked, but for other animals, the pinch obviously hurts, therefore it is better to use scissors.

Ears are clipped shortly from all sides, removing the fringe from the tip and edges. Hair that has grown inside the auricle is plucked out with fingers. An electric machine with a “zero” blade should always be cut for the growth of wool, a mechanical machine - against wool.

Throat, in front of the chest and neck cut short. Hair bunches are removed at the inner corner of the eyes, but the hair under the eye is not removed. Bangs give the appearance of a triangle and combed towards the nose, its width should not be wider than the forehead. The beard is only slightly trimmed and combed forward.

Sideburns should not hang around. The whole head should be rectangular. The bottom of the tail and the inner thighs are cut short. Also free from the wool belly and genitals.

The hair on the paws is trimmed with scissors and combed up. On elbows sticking hair and tufts are cut off. Paws should have the appearance of smooth columns. Before the exhibition, the miniature schnauzer haircut should be repeated in 10-14 days, smoothing out not smooth transitions.


If you prefer to entrust this procedure to professionals, then be prepared to pay about 1000-1500 rubles, if you live in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Price in Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kazan within 900-1000 rubles. In small towns, the cost of cutting and trimming a miniature schnauzer varies from 600 to 800 rubles.

If you do not want to cut your pet in specialized salons, but prefer to call a dog-hair-dresser at home, then be prepared to spend about 20% more.



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