Errors in the training of protective skills in dogs

Errors that the trainer and his assistants should under no circumstances allow are the following:

  • do not enter the security zone without warning
  • too long to stay outside
  • take too defiant poses
  • hurt the dog.

Any of these mistakes can hopelessly ruin all the work from the first lesson. Therefore, we emphasize once again the need to attract a truly experienced trainer.

Now let's call possible dog reactions and appropriate actions by the trainer. If the dog continues to run away with any appearance of the trainer in the security zone, the latter must stop paying attention to it and engage in an improvised fight with the owner. Both should, as accurately as possible, imitate a real fight, without making such serious mistakes as laughter, which can completely confuse the dog.

In general, during the whole lesson it is necessary to maintain seriousness, even while maintaining really funny situations. When a dog sees that its owner is being attacked and he desperately beats off - this almost always causes an aggressive reaction in her, especially if she does not feel threatened by herself. Her reaction may be an ordinary barking, and in this case, the trainer should turn to the dog, giving her a rag. If the dog grabs it, then you can move on to the next exercise. If the dog is frightened, the trainer must continue to fight with the owner.

When, at last, the dog will hold the rag with his teeth, the trainer enters into a short struggle with it, actually consisting of the game “Who will drag anyone,” which the dog must win. The trainer gives her a rag and, depicting fear, runs away. After that, the owner must thoroughly praise the dog and start playing with it or force it to perform an exercise, which it especially loves. On this working day is complete. At the initial stage of training, if the reactions of the dog are still lethargic or zero, one should not undertake several imitations of attack on the same day.

Between these exercises should be held for two days so that the dog gradually accumulates aggressiveness. If the dog reacts properly from the very beginning, that is, the rag is immediately firmly enough, you should go to the exercise “Wrestling”, which is that the trainer drops the rag to the ground, waits for the dog to grab it, and then tries to pull the rag from her teeth. As in the previous example, the dog should come out the winner. If the dog demonstrates a good combat reaction, the attack with the attack can be performed daily.

When the dog learns to confidently grab and release a unrolled rag from the teeth, you should start the exercise with a rag wrapped in a tube. Before you begin to exercise with the sleeve, you need to practice on the so-called sausage. This is about the same exercise as in the case of a rag rolled up. However, since the sausage is much more dense, the dog has to grab its molars, and not the incisors, like a rag.



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