What are wheelchairs for dogs and where is it better to buy them?

For a long time, even partial paralysis for a dog was a death sentence. They were most often put to sleep, "so as not to suffer." Now everything has become easier and the loss of limbs for the dog is not that bad, since special wheelchairs have appeared.

Thanks to them, the animal gets the opportunity to continue a full life, that is, to walk on the street with the owner, as it used to. These strollers are designed to ensure the mobility of the dog with partial or complete loss of motor functions of the rear, front and even all limbs.

They are also used for animals with movement disorder or during the rehabilitation period after operations.

Types of wheelchairs for dogs

There are several types of wheelchairs for dogs depending on which part of the body needs support. So, the front wheelchair is designed to support the front part of the dog’s torso. It is intended for animals that have partially or completely lost the ability to move their forelimbs as a result of:

  • illness or injury
  • amputation
  • paresis,
  • paralysis of the limbs.

Classic wheelchair created for animals with partial or complete loss of mobility of the hind limbs. It is adjustable in height and length, and its width is made individually, in accordance with the size of a particular animal. The saddle is equipped in such a way that the dogs can freely defecate.

For the stationary rear paws, stirrups are provided to hold the paws above the surface, protecting them from damage. Stroller quad - This is a four-wheel mechanism to fully support the entire body of the dog. It is intended for animals with partial or complete loss of motor functions of the hind and forelimbs, as well as postoperative animals or with movement disorder.

Manufacturing materials

The wheelchair frame for dogs is made from lightweight and durable aluminum tubes. Their thickness depends on the size of the stroller, that is, the weight of the dog. Depending on the size of the stroller, either polyurethane or pneumatic wheels with an airbag can be used.

The size of the wheels is selected individually, based on the size of the animal. The supporting ammunition of a carriage is made of elastic soft material of an aeropren. She breathes and can be unfastened for washing.

Where can one buy?

There are not many manufacturers of wheelchairs for dogs, so you can choose the right one through the Internet, having studied reviews about him and the product catalog. The price of wheelchairs depends on what breeds, that is, the size of the dog they are intended. As a rule, it varies from 6500 for that terrier to 12000 for the Caucasian or Central Asian shepherd.



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