Features of clothes for dogs girls

Clothing for girls' dogs has always been more diverse than men. This happened not only in humans, but also in dogs. Probably because they are dressed by people. What is the clothing for dogs girls different from the boy?

Color clothes for dogs girls

First of all, color. Many dog ​​breeders try to dress their boys modestly enough. Especially if it is a representative of a large serious breed, which should look rather intimidating. But for their girls, dog owners do not skimp on the color variety, even for a huge dogini or dobermanikha.

Among the ladies' colors, as always, pink is in the lead. It is followed by yellow, orange and red, different shades of lilac. Also, girls often wear clothes of light pastel shades of different colors.

Cutting features

Since, while doing her physiological affairs, the girl sits down, there is often a danger that she may accidentally stain her clothes. Therefore, there is a feature in the opening of the girl's wardrobe. It is slightly larger than the boys, opens the stomach.

But quite a bit so that the dog does not freeze. Also, girls 'clothes are smaller than boys' ones, because the weaker sex in dogs is noticeably smaller.

Types of clothes for dogs girls

Girls can be worn much more diversely, since in the modern world they can also wear notoriously "men's" clothes: pants, shorts, sweaters, jackets, overalls. True, such clothes, designed specifically for girls, are still different in color and ornaments.

In addition, especially attractive dog girls look in a very feminine clothes:

  • dresses
  • sundresses
  • skirts.

Additional accessories, such as hairpins and elastics for long wool, complement the feminine look and will not allow the doggie to be confused. Fashion hostesses buy elegant coats and flirty coats, and for special occasions they can even tailor a wedding or ball gown to order. One more thing that is absolutely necessary for a girl is her panties, which protect her from the harassment of cavaliers.

Decoration clothes for dogs girls

Often the dog is dressed up to go out with her, and so the manufacturers of pet clothes carefully watch the fashion. A doggie costume should have fashionable elements that are in the dress of the hostess.

Because you can see on doggie clothes

  • ruches
  • bows,
  • rhinestones,
  • beads,

as well as accessories:

  1. brooches
  2. beads,
  3. suspension,
  4. special collars.



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