Amazing stories of dog and cat returns

No one will argue that almost all pets are infinitely loyal to their owners. Moreover, their sincere love does not depend on the character of the owner, how old he is, how successful or successful he is.

Pets are loyal to us simply because we have them. And they will never intentionally betray or leave their "human" family. But there are cases when an animal suddenly finds itself far from home, far from loved ones. The owners are grieving and do not know what to do, where to start the search.

One has only to imagine how a pet loves alone in the woods, or a hungry person wanders along a busy highway, as it immediately becomes uncomfortable. Days and weeks go by, but there are no losses. And when the owners are already losing hope to see their beloved dog or cat again, the pet suddenly returns, again confirming its love and devotion ...

Long way home (return of Bobby Collie)

There are many evidences of amazing returns. Moreover, it is striking that the inveterate four-legged couch potatoes return to their owners, overcoming incredible distances over the years. For example, such a happy ending ended the story of a collie named Bobby.

Back in 1923, the owners of this dog spent their holidays in Volcotte, Indiana, USA. It seemed to them a good idea to take along a faithful friend with them until the dog suddenly disappeared. After spending the rest of their vacations on a futile quest, the upset family headed home to Silverton, Oregon.

Already mentally buried their pet, the owners could not have foreseen that Bobby would suddenly appear on the threshold of their house six months after his disappearance. Over the past six months, the dog covered a distance of about 3200 km - according to eyewitness accounts, his path ran through four states!

A hungry and exhausted long dog even managed to cross the Rocky Mountains in the middle of winter. He walked, ignoring the obstacles, driven by the thought of a caring family ...

Amazing return of the cat Sugar

If the cases of the return of animals to their native threshold are still more or less explicable, then the story that occurred with the cat Sugar remains a mystery to zoologists. This Persian purr for a long time with hosts in California, USA. The family had plans to move to Oklahoma, which is located two states in the direction of the west. During this long journey, your favorite cat disappeared.

Nobody noticed his disappearance at once, and the new settlers only realized a few hours later. The owners decided that the pet jumped through the window during the next stop on the gas station. But during this time, they drove such a great distance that there was almost no chance of finding a whiskered loss, so people did not return and look for Sugar.

The family traveled to Oklahoma and continued to live in a new place with the bitterness of their loss. And 14 months after these events, the cat showed up right at the new kitchenette - he climbed into the open window. Surprisingly not even the fact that the oborot survived and reached the final destination, but how he found the hosts if he had never been to Oklahoma before ...

The main characters of the amazing stories, when pets still track down the owners, are mostly cats. There is something in these creatures that is much stronger than the dog scent.

Fantastic return of the cat Amado

In addition to Sugar, a unique ability was once demonstrated by a cat named Amado, who lived with her elderly mistress on a farm in Provence, in France. Sensing some discomfort, the woman decided that her days would soon be numbered, and someone should take care of her purring girlfriend.

Without thinking twice, she took Favorite Amado to her friend, who lived 25 kilometers from her home, on the other side of the Rhone River. Two weeks passed, and the anxious foreboding of the elderly lady about her own well-being was not confirmed, and she continued her measured life in solitude.

But not for long - once she heard a plaintive meow at the door. Opening the door, the hostess saw her battered and emaciated pet on the threshold. This story would not have caused surprise if it were not for the fact that Amado was a blind cat, and only one bridge was built across Ron ...

More than a pet

What helps the lost four-legged friends to find their owners, despite the distance and time? Not only cats and dogs can return to their homes through unknown places, but also pigeons, salmon, bees, and even lost cows.

The researchers of this phenomenon have several versions regarding the causes of this phenomenon. First of all, scientists like to refer to the aggravated feelings peculiar to animals. It is no secret to anyone that the hearing, sight and smell of our smaller brothers are much stronger than the human capabilities of the organism.

By the way, the Doberman pinscher, nicknamed Sauer, in 1925, by smell, tracked down the thief 160 kilometers away. And for dogs this is not the limit. With cats things are more complicated - by nature they do not have the talent of a snooper. But some researchers argue that the phenomenon of "returning Murka" is akin to the ability of pigeons to navigate in space.

The composition of the tissues of an ordinary cat is a lot of iron, which forms in the body a kind of internal compass. They feel the slightest change in the magnetic field of the Earth, and this is what allows them to find the way to their home.

Scientists even managed to confirm this version after magnetic collars were put on the test cats. The purrs immediately lost their “navigation abilities”, started to stray and stray from the right path. The story of Amado is quite consistent with this hypothesis. She knew the location of her house all the time, and she coped with such difficulties as a river with the help of acute hearing and smell.

However, this absolutely does not explain the fact that animals follow their owners to places where they have never been before. And then the esoteric comes to replace the scientists. They believe that in cases similar to what happened with Sugar, there was a "sixth sense" that animals trust more often than people.

Moreover, cats have always been considered mystical creatures and perhaps they have some kind of invisible connection with the owners. No wonder they say that they know when a person has something to hurt, and even sometimes he is treated. What exactly is the secret of animals is still unknown. One thing is clear: pets driven by love and devotion can return to their owners after years, distances and difficult trials. And this loyalty certainly deserves respect - and reciprocity.



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