What is a canine zoopsychologist for a dog

Many treat puppies like their own children: they pity them, carry them on their hands, stroke them, put them to sleep next to them. However, not all caring "parents" think about how to impart good manners to their four-legged babies, because of which they subsequently have serious problems.

Common situation? An experienced dog handler-zoopsychologist will obey the most restless and aggressive dog, correct mistakes in raising a dog — or help prevent them altogether.

Our service is both dangerous and difficult ...

In the narrow sense of the word, a dog handler is a person who is engaged in dog training. But in fact, professionals working with pets, a whole team.

  • There are dog trainers, instructors, corrective behavior of animals.
  • There are experts who know all about the species and capabilities of each individual.

Such experts can act as judges at competitions and exhibitions. Animal canine zoopsychologists are people who can uncover the causes of inadequate animal behavior, in other words, consider a wide dog's soul behind an aggressive grin.

Handlers are engaged in preparing dogs for competitions and exhibitions, and counselors of the service dog breeding are working to make dogs of good watchmen, assistants in the search for drugs and weapons.

Whatever the dog handler does, his work is not easy, because the dog's behavior is often impossible to predict. He may bite his "educator", seriously damage the bones or lay it on the shoulder blade. Because of this risk, any dog ​​handler should not only be aware of everything about dogs, but also be in excellent physical shape and have hand-to-hand combat skills.

And most importantly - the person who chose this profession must be resistant to any stress and understand how big the responsibility lies with him: in the hands of the cynologist the future of the dog. "And at first glance it seems not to be seen ..."

Despite the fact that awards and prizes for impeccable obedience are usually given to a dog, the work of a dog handler should not be underestimated.

After all, the far-away life of an animal often depends on how well this specialist works: whether his owners leave him or hurry to get rid of unnecessary problems, whether his career goes uphill, whether he will receive the main prize at the exhibition ... It is dog trainers who bring up guide dogs for the blind and dogs for canistherapy (treatment of Down syndrome and cerebral palsy in the process of communicating with four-legged friends).

In addition, they train rescue dogs. We are obliged to canine scientists by the good work of the smuggling department at customs: people of this profession train dogs to find prohibited substances. By the way, dogs that were filmed in the cinema would not have been able to play their roles so well if cynologists had not dealt with them.

It’s scary to think: without these people, the world would not have seen the paintings "Buddy - Air Blow," "Commissioner Rex," "Marley and Me," "The Return of Mukhtar." By the way, in some cases a whole team of training professionals worked with one quadruped actor ...

Cure aggression

You can raise a small dog without professional help. But self-training of large-sized dogs can be extremely dangerous, so the dog handler deals not only with the pet, but also with the owners of the dogs.

He teaches a person to be the "leader of the pack" in the eyes of a pet, shows which behaviors are correct, how you can, and how you should not encourage and punish a dog, tells how to overcome the fear of animals. In other words - teaches the owners everything that needs to be known in order to live in peace and harmony with the dog.

Zoopsychologist comment

Unfortunately, not all owners of large breed dogs understand what responsibility they take when they get such dogs. A dog is not a toy, but a large animal, which, if it is not properly educated, turns into a weapon, which is dangerous primarily for its owners.

Therefore, if you do not want to be the culprit of the tragedy, not sparing the time and money, contact a professional who, if you wish, will undertake the training of a dog or give you some simple but important lessons of cynology. If you don’t have time or money for this, get a bug, you don’t have to train it.



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