What toys to buy for a puppy?

A puppy, like a small child, needs to constantly evolve. For this there are numerous special toys for a puppy.

First of all, they develop the puppy's grip and abilities for fitting, gradually preparing him for more serious pursuits that will begin after six months of age. In addition, doing interesting toys, the child is distracted from actively exploring the world and trying on a tooth master's things and furniture.

Types of puppy toys

  • For the smallest puppy, you can choose latex toys that will help brighten up his time of activity and entertain, distract from longing for the recently lost mom. Such toys can look like some kind of animal: a goose or a pig, balls or chicken legs, sausages, etc.
  • Kids love to play toys, which are built tweeters. In a growing dog, milk teeth change and during this period the gums itch and the puppy constantly wants to nibble something. That it was not shoes or furniture, it is better for the kid to offer special gelatinous bones.
  • For the development of proper bite, it is better to choose rings, dumbbells, playing ropes.
  • A valuable tennis ball can be a valuable toy for a puppy. He will allow the owner to take part in the game, establishing close contact with the dog and developing trust. In addition, this toy will begin to teach the puppy to perform the command "apport" and will strengthen it physically, forcing him to move actively, running after the ball.
  • The grasp is well developed and classes with a special roller. You can start playing with him only after changing teeth, when the puppy is more than eight months old. During the game, the task of the dog - to take away the roller from the owner
  • There are also intellectual educational toys for dogs, for example, Game Bone. This is a dog solitaire, in which small delicacies are hidden. The dog is looking for them by smell and picks up figures.

How to choose and where to buy toys for puppies

  1. All toys for an animal must be very durable. A dog should not have the slightest chance to bite off a fragment of a toy and swallow it, whether it is a wooden chip or a piece of rubber.
  2. The toy should not be too small so that the puppy could not swallow it whole. Therefore, choosing a toy, it should be carefully examined.
  3. You also need to read what it is made of, so as not to buy goods that can harm the animal, for example, polyethylene.

In the online stores of pet products you can find a huge amount of a variety of toys for dogs. At the same time, they are cheaper than in traditional pet stores.



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