What if the dog has a fever?

Normal body temperature in dogs is higher than in humans and reaches 38-39 degrees. However, dogs also have a fever when the temperature rises even higher - up to 40-41 degrees.

It is believed that with the help of elevated temperature the body fights infection. At this point, a part of the brain is activated, which with a fever responds to the invasion of viruses or bacteria.

Most invading "alien" organisms die under high temperature conditions. However, too high a temperature indicates that the body can no longer cope and may threaten the life of the animal.

Causes of heat in a dog

The reasons for such a reaction of the body quite a lot. First of all it is:

  1. various infections
  2. parasites,
  3. viruses or other microorganisms.

It can also be caused by various disorders in the body:

  • endocrine disruption,
  • metabolism
  • too high activity of the immune system.

The body can react with fever to toxic substances or drugs, as well as a developing tumor. Sometimes the exact reasons cannot be determined at all. Then the diagnosis is made: fever of unknown origin.

Symptoms of heat in the dog

To determine that a dog's fever can not only measure body temperature, but also other symptoms.

  • The dog obviously weakens, her appetite disappears.
  • Often, the animal begins to tremble, it increases breathing and heartbeat, there is dehydration.
  • Strange behavior may occur, for example, a dog will try to hide.

Long this state in the end can lead to shock.

What to do the owner of the dog? Treatment of the animal.

With the symptoms described, it is necessary to measure the temperature of the dog’s body by inserting a thermometer into the anus. High in a dog is considered the body temperature above 39.4 degrees. The veterinarian should determine the cause of the disease on the basis of examining the dog and studying its medical history.

The vet is better to call the house, especially if it's cold outside. If you cannot call the doctor, you can consult with him by phone, describing the appearance and behavior of the dog. Additional tests may be required:

  • hemogram,
  • blood test,
  • blood smear
  • Analysis of urine,
  • test for the presence of diseases of the immune system,
  • Ultrasound of the kidneys, liver or heart,
  • X-rays of light,
  • biopsy of different tissues.

Treatment of a dog with such a symptom as fever depends on the diagnosis. If the diagnosis is not obvious, the course of treatment with antibiotics is most often prescribed. If the temperature is above 40 degrees, it is necessary to use antipyretic drugs for animals or aspirin. It is also possible to put ice on the neck and inner thighs or wet the dog's coat with cold water, to provide her with cool water in small portions.



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