These unique dogs

Perhaps everyone knows about the experiments that the physiologist Pavlov once set over dogs. Fortunately, modern scientists conduct much more humane experiments with the participation of our younger brothers, and those sometimes give amazing results!

We're the same blood

Not so long ago, scientists at the National Veterinary School in Lyon conducted tests with nine domestic dogs and found out that our four-legged friends successfully distinguish photos of their relatives from images of other animal species.

Surprisingly, but a fact: the tail participants of the experiment will recognize other dogs in the photo, regardless of breed! To reach this conclusion, animals were shown pictures of different breeds on one screen, and on the second one of 40 species of other animals.

Despite the diversity, the tails coped with the task and easily distinguished their fellows from suspicious strangers from different parts of the Earth. It turns out that everything is because animals of the same species often live together and must recognize their relatives, including by external similarity.

Smart, even smarter

For a long time, man was considered the only being who could speculate on how someone else would behave in this or that situation. But the dogs and here managed to argue for the title of the most-most!

It turns out that our tailed friends are able to look at the world from the point of view of a person and understand when the owners can notice their pranks, and when not. Thus, as a result of research conducted by British scientists on almost a hundred dogs, it became clear that the behavior of these animals depends largely on whether events happen during the day or at night.

During the experiment, dogs were forbidden to steal food from the table, and it turned out that dogs do it much more often at night, realizing that the likelihood of being caught by the owner at the crime scene at this time of day tends to zero. Here they are cunning!

Ladies First!

Among other things, recently it became known that bitches are much smarter than dogs! Austrian scientists from the University of Vienna conducted a series of exciting experiments and found an incredible fact. It turned out that females are much more thoughtful than males, analyze all the visual information that goes to their brains, and therefore they perceive the world around in a completely different way.

Fortunately, males do not know how to read, which means that this discovery will remain a secret for them, and the dog's pride will not suffer! Scientists from the same university not so long ago conducted a series of experiments with dogs that can feed a paw. Interestingly, the caudate participants in the experiment tirelessly repeated this trick, regardless of whether they were treated or not.

But once they noticed that the other dog, who had completed this task, was given a treat, and they were not there, the offended dogs immediately began to hesitate, and then they completely stopped feeding their paw.

Everyone knows how much attention a person pays to the issue of inequality: even children would surely shout “Not fair!” If they were in a similar situation. However, scientists were not sure that animals have a similar feature, and here the dogs surprised them again.

The dog will not fail

The most surprising and undoubtedly significant was the recent discovery that, thanks to the tremendous scent, our four-legged comrades can recognize people with lung and breast cancer. During the experiments, the dogs were offered samples of the breathing of patients, and the animals knew them from nearly a hundred people who took part in the experiment.

Surprisingly, the results of this study showed that dogs are able to determine the disease in 90% of cases. In the meantime, perhaps the most unusual experiment put New Zealand animal advocates who teach dogs to drive a car!

Three dogs named Porter, Monty and Ginny learn to control the advanced MiniCooper, where the gas and brake pedals are located on the front panel so that the dogs can comfortably press them with their paws.

After several weeks of training, the playful puppies have already learned to sit snout to the dashboard and place their paws on the steering wheel. "It's only the beginning!" - promise inquisitive scientists.



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