How to teach a puppy or dog to the tray?

When the first euphoria passes after the puppy appears in the house, the owners suddenly begin to realize that together with joy they have acquired remarkable efforts.

And the main shock: at one "beautiful" moment, the pet begins to associate with frustrated owners only with puddles and heaps, which it leaves throughout the house. It feels like he does it every 10 minutes and only to annoy ... What to do? How to teach a puppy to the tray?


A four-legged baby is really capable of emptying the stomach and bladder 15 to 30 times a day. However, it is possible to take him outside not earlier than at four months, and only after all vaccinations have been made. The process of getting used to the toilet is quite long.

  • Therefore, the first thing to do when a puppy appears in the house is to remove all the carpets. After all, first he will write everywhere.
  • After determine the place where the pet will be allowed to go to the toilet, and label it. As a rule, it is a corner in which the tile or linoleum lies, - a balcony or a corridor. Parquet from the pranks of your crumbs can swell, and the smell from the carpet is removed only in the dry cleaner.
  • If in the future you want the dog to relieve themselves only on the street, try to find a place closer to the front door.

How to teach a puppy to the tray with newspapers?

Needed: many, many newspapers

Reader experience: I covered the entire apartment with newspapers, and at first I allowed my Chihuahua to write wherever it pleases. Spoiled paper replaced with a new one. After a week, I began to gradually clean the newspaper. My Lucy was used to doing her dirty work only on such a coating, so she did not encroach on the covered places.

Moreover, I always praised her when I noticed that the little one was writing on the newspaper. After some time, only one newspaper remained in the apartment - not far from the entrance door on the linoleum. Lucy went there. Later in this place, I made a diaper bed and praised the sneeze when she was needing her. Sometimes even encouraged food. Just the dog gradually and accustomed to the tray.

How to teach a puppy to the tray with diapers?

Needed: 4-6 diapers, a pair of pieces in each room

Reader experience: I laid diapers in each room and showed the puppy that you can only write on them. You need to constantly monitor the dog, and soon you will begin to notice how he is looking for a place to "settle down". I tried to catch him at such moments and carefully carried him to the diaper, waited for him to pee, and praised him.

The main thing - do not make sudden movements when you move the dog, so as not to scare her. If the dog defeated the need in the wrong place, I shook my finger and said: “No, Max, it’s bad!” - and then for a while I pretended not to notice the pet.

I believe that complete disregard is the best and most effective punishment for a dog. By the way, if the dog pees on the carpet, urgently hand it to the dry cleaner. The dog will smell and think that since she has already written there, it means that there you need to do it - and very quickly spoil the whole palace.

How to teach a puppy to the tray with chlorine-containing means?

Reader experience: I allocated a small square of 4 tiles in the corridor to my puppy under the toilet. The rest of the surface I regularly washed with bleach. The dog, when it was going to the toilet, sniffed the floor, looking for its territory, but nowhere felt the smell of chlorine.

When I ran across the square, washed with ordinary water, I understood: this is its place. And there she did her business. Now in that corner we always have a tray with a filling or a diaper. The dog is already adult, we are walking it on the street, but the tray was left in case we are not at home, and she wants to go to the toilet.

I believe that it is inhuman to force dogs to endure before the arrival of the owners, especially if sometimes people need to linger.

Important rules in training puppy to the tray

  1. To teach the dog to the toilet, the first time you need to constantly monitor her.
  2. If during the whole day no one is near the dog, the process will be delayed. Try to distribute the schedule of "duty" among family members so that someone always watches the pet, carries it to the right place, when necessary, praises and encourages when the dog does everything as it should.
  3. It is important that the pet is engaged in the morning and evening. And so that someone came to visit him at lunch.

If this is not possible, give training all your free time after work and get up early in the morning to once again teach the dog a lesson in toilet etiquette. After all, as you know, repetition is the mother of learning.

Rudeness is forbidden!

You can not beat a pet and shout at him if he "did the job" not where it should be. The puppy does not understand that in this way you punish him. He will either think that you have such a game, or he will be frightened and will no longer trust you. But at the same time, he will still do his business where he pleases, fearing and pressing his ears.

In no case do not "poke" the puppy with his nose in piles and puddles: the dog may think that the owner demands to eat it. And will do so - with you or in your absence. Do you need a new problem?

Patience, patience and more patience

Four-legged baby behaves the same way as a human child. If you have children, remember how much you suffered with diapers, diapers and other things - 3-4 years? And then sometimes “incidents” like “did not reach” or “hesitate to ask for a toilet” happened.

By the way, in a year the puppy stops “mischievous”, and the human kid can continue until it goes to school. Note: you will have to wait about a year until the character of the pet and his habits are fully formed.

We must be prepared for the fact that at first he will not only write in the wrong place, but also smash, nibble and scratch everything. So be patient. You coped with the children - it means that you teach the dog too. If you do not have a child yet, consider puppy training as a training before raising your own baby.

Strangely enough, the methods in both cases are very similar: both the dog and the child need to be shown many times the place where they can write. A puppy tray and a human pot should not stress or frighten students. And most importantly: the baby and the puppy need your support and praise. Otherwise, they will not be interested to fulfill your wishes!



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