Can a dog give milk?

To the question: "Can a dog give milk?" quite different answers can be heard from different dog breeders and even breeders.

The thing is, what they are guided by: traditions and human logic or the latest scientific data. Modern science claims that dairy products are necessary for dogs only in certain conditions.

In its pure form, cow or goat milk can be given only to the smallest puppies under the age of 1.5 months (for small breeds) and up to 3 months (for the largest breeds). Only by young organisms can it be digested and useful.

In order for cow or goat's milk to be approximated in composition to the dog's milk, it is recommended to add (to 0.5 liters) a tablespoon of cream and one whipped quail yolk. Puppies older than 1.5-3 months are better to give milk porridges, which are much better absorbed.

And you can feed even porridge from coagulated milk. It is better not to give milk to an adult dog. With age, dogs stop producing specific enzymes that process sugar contained in milk (lactose).

Therefore, it is poorly digested, aggravates the dog's stomach (especially small breeds), leads to disorder and spoils the appetite for the next meal.

Sometimes an adult dog with milk in general develops intolerance to milk. In this case, there is an upset stomach and intestines on the principle of "milk stool": the chair becomes light yellow.

If an adult female has no such reaction, then she can be given some milk during pregnancy and feeding puppies.

Instead of milk, dogs should be given fermented milk products.

Fermented milk products are better absorbed by the body of an adult dog:

  • kefir,
  • cottage cheese,
  • acidophilus

They have antibiotic properties and have a positive effect on the intestinal microflora. It is better to produce dairy products by yourself. This is done according to the following recipe: for one liter of milk, add one tablespoon of sour cream or kefir for the leaven and put it in a warm place. After a day the product is ready.

A puppy can be removed from the surface of the cottage cheese and give, putting a drop of honey in it. Dairy products can play the role of a soft medication for overfeeding, digestive problems, as well as therapeutic nutrition for convalescent and sick puppies.

It should be noted that now you can buy a special milk, designed specifically for dogs, in which lactose is not contained. It can be given to an animal that loves milk very much.



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