Instructions for use Dirofen for puppies and dogs

Dirofen is a combined antihelmintic that is given to puppies for the prevention and treatment of cestodosis and nematodoses. It has a wide spectrum of activity in relation to nematodes and cestodes, which are parasitic in dogs.

The main active ingredients of this drug are fenbendazole and pyrantel pamoata. They cause persistent depolarization of muscle cells in the parasite, which ultimately leads to the death of the parasite. According to the degree of impact on the animal's body, Dirofen belongs to moderately hazardous substances.

At the doses indicated in the instructions, it does not have a teratogenic, embryotoxic and sensitizing effect. Dirofen is available in two forms: tablets and suspension. Dirofen-suspension or paste of light orange color in addition to the active ingredients contains pumpkin seed oil.

It is packaged in polymer bottles of 3, 6, 7 and 10 ml, which is attached to the syringe dispenser.

Instructions for use Dirofen for puppies: dosage, contraindications

  • Dirofen tablets give the puppy once in the morning feeding with a small amount of feed (in a piece of meat or sausage, with cereal or minced meat).
  • One tablet is designed for one kg of animal body weight.
  • In order to prevent the drug is continued every three months.
  • For therapeutic purposes, the suspension is given once at the rate of 1 ml per 1 kg of puppy weight.

For prophylactic purposes, the therapeutic dose is given quarterly at the age of a puppy at two, four, eight and twelve weeks, and after that at the age of four, five and six months. Pregnant bitches are also dewormed in the second half of pregnancy and lactating bitches are treated three weeks after birth.

Occasionally, with increased individual sensitivity to the drug, as well as an overdose, the puppy may refuse to feed, there is increased salivation, depression, vomiting in the dog, dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract and allergic reactions. In such cases, the animal is prescribed symptomatic and desensitization therapy, and Dirofen is no longer given. Before the use of the drug, it is not necessary to use laxatives and a hungry diet. In order to prevent deworming should be carried out every three months. In addition, it is necessary before each vaccination. Using the drug for therapeutic purposes, with a high degree of infection Dirofen can be given again after 10 days.

It is not recommended to deworm puppies younger than two weeks of age, as well as exhausted, convalescent and patients with infectious diseases. The price of a blister of six dirofen tablets for puppies costs about 50 rubles. A bottle of suspension for 6 ml costs about 60 rubles.

Reviews Dirofen for dogs and puppies

Review №1

I always throw Dirofen to my puppies in my mouth. Very convenient suspension with a special dispenser. Never had any side effects. We begin to drive worms from two-week puppies and so until two months until we begin to attach. And the new owners also recommend this suspension.

Olga, Minsk

Review number 2

Our toy terrier is completely home, we take out on the street only on our hands for a walk or in a backpack. That is, he never goes to the ground. He also eats only dry food. Therefore, we worm a dog not every three months, but every six months. Just in case, because he sometimes communicates with other dogs. When he was a puppy, the vet advised us to use Dirofen suspension.

And it is not expensive and much more convenient to dispense for kids, unlike pills. Our dog tolerates the drug, does not even spit out. Licked her lips and went. Apparently, there is some delicious item. And she just needs a bit of it.

Arkady, Moscow

Reviews №3

We have a St. Bernard puppy - pretty big baby. On the advice of knowledgeable dog breeders, we have given him Dirofen since he was two weeks old since birth. First, the suspension, and now, when his weight has already reached five kilograms, we give a pill. Very comfortably. The dog eats the drug well and there are no side effects. So why pay more for these drugs?

Elena, Novosibirsk



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