The story of one mini Yorkshire terrier: owner review

One of our readers shared her review of the Yorkshire terrier breed. Here is her letter.

Hello everyone, my name is Tatiana and I am a happy owner of a baby on a palm. For me, York is a dream since childhood. With 13 years I dreamed that someday a little snub-nosed miracle would live in my house.

Exactly what I saw on the cover of a book on the Yorkshire Terrier breed. The dog was supposed to be exactly the same as on the cherished book, which was on the shelf of the parents. On a small muzzle - three shiny buttons: eyes and nose. Wonderful silky wool and a red bow, intricately twisted on the forehead.

Terry's appearance

After 12 years, my cherished dream came true! Once I came home, where the most long-awaited surprise in my life awaited me. A little shaggy wonder sat on the floor and looked at me, funny wagging with a tiny tail. It was a mini-york girl that I decided to call Terry.

We immediately identified for her a cozy and quiet place away from drafts and heating appliances, put her back there. Not far from there, they put plates with clean water and food, put on a diaper so that the girl could relieve herself.

Memo for the hosts

Since we have no children with my husband, all our love, caress and free time are devoted to the beloved one. Believe me, they are necessary for her and, of course, in large quantities. When we first visited the clinic, Terry was given all the necessary vaccinations. Sensitive doctors advised us, giving a lot of advice on the care, nutrition and health of our baby.

We also picked up food that was suitable for us according to the breed, age, from which our dog did not have eyes. We never give Terry the so-called "food from the table", it is very harmful for dogs. What a person eats can greatly harm the health of your dog. Salty, fried, fatty, sweet, hot, spicy - all this is not food for an animal!

Of course, you can and should give your pet some vegetables and fruits, because the dog's body also needs vitamins, like us, people. In a dog bowl, there should always be fresh and fresh water, preferably not from a tap. Once every 10 days we wash our tail happiness. By the way, the Yorkshire terrier does not have hair, but hair, and care for them must be appropriate.

Any girl with long hair knows how important it is to use a quality hair care product. Yorks in this regard are similar to the beautiful half of humanity. On the shelf in our bathroom there are a lot of jars and bottles that care for, protect, nourish, shine, vitaminize and do not allow tangles to appear on our baby's hair.

It must be remembered that after the bath is usually followed by hygiene procedures. Brushing the ears, teeth, eyes, cutting the claws, if necessary - cutting. All this can be trusted to a professional groomer who is able to come to your home with all the necessary tools. And you can walk with your pet to the salon, where the masters will do it all the necessary procedures.

Of course, do not forget to tie every morning and shoot for the night the traditional bows for this breed, because they look so cute on the heads of yorks. In our case, this is a special silicone rubber that does not spoil the hair of my beauty, with them we tie the tails. And just going out, we dress up in a bow.

Why is training so important?

I have always loved obedient dogs. Therefore, we responsibly approached the issue of education Terry. She easily mastered the commands "fu", "place", "sit", "voice", "to me". And also a wonderful team "bring a chick"! Now we are teaching the teams to "stand" and "close by", so relevant on walks, when we cross the road or see someone else's dog.

Many people think that mini-york is an exclusively decorative breed, and these dogs do not need to know any commands. I can say with confidence that such people are greatly mistaken! From the outside, it may seem that York is a toy sand, and you can stop practicing. But in this case, the pet will turn into a spoiled dog, which will accompany every passer-by on the street with a loud barking.

Will pick up all kinds of garbage, trying to eat it, run away from the owner, perhaps even be able to bite the child. Agree, pleasant in this perspective is not enough. That is why deal with the dog since childhood. You can train it in the form of a game or by encouraging a delicacy.

Since we do not cut our yorochka, I wear all sorts of overalls, t-shirts, etc., to go outside, depending on the weather. They help to protect the pet from long, cold, dirt and dust, from ticks, in the end (of course, this is not one hundred percent protection). Most recently, we bought Terry a rain coat and silicone boots, as the rainy season and sleet season comes, and these things will protect our luxurious fur.

Someone thinks that this is a mockery of a living animal, and does not understand this. But believe that this is not just self-indulgence and whim of the owner, but concern for the health of the animal. As they say, someone wants to go on a hunt with a cocker, and someone with a york in a raincoat to walk, proudly stomping through puddles.

Do not forget about "tsypu"!

Any dog ​​loves to play, our mini-york is no exception. We devote every spare moment to games and entertainment. As it was already written, Terry knows the command "bring a chicken." She runs to her corner, selects any toy and carries it for play. In our arsenal about 10 different toys, soft and rubber, with whistles and without.

And also the most favorite is the rag cord. Terry plays very nice with him, running around the apartment and trying to crack him. Despite the fact that my favorite Terry is only six months old, every day she surprises me, and every day she is a discovery for me. Probably, I will never cease to be amazed at how clever, intelligent, incredibly beautiful, brave, affectionate and friendly breed Yorkshire terrier.

I do not understand how you can not love such crumbs! The boy from the cartoon "The Kid and Carlson" said the following phrase: "Is it possible to live all your life like this, without a dog?" I can correct this expression: "Is it possible to live without York?" M and Terry wish everyone to find their tail of happiness, love it and appreciate. Treasure every minute spent together. After all, a house without a pet is an empty house.

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