How to feed a puppy of miniature pinscher (miniature pincher)?

Miniature Pinscher is a small dog and its diet should be approached especially carefully, whether it is a natural food or a choice of dry food. What to give the dwarf piteru?

Feeding the Miniature Pinscher with Natural Products

Most of the diet of the Miniature Pinscher should be meat - at least 40%. For such a dog is better to choose horse meat or beef, which are given in raw form. The bird can be given only a little puppy.

A third of the diet should be plant food, which improves the functioning of the digestive tract. It should be fresh and steamed vegetables with a little vegetable oil or a drop of sour cream. Also in the diet of the dog should be porridge (30%), which are mixed into pieces of meat.

It is best to choose wheat, oatmeal or buckwheat porridge. To feed the dwarf pinscher did not cause the dog problems, it must be organized according to the regime. The dog should receive the portion of meal strictly at the same time.

The serving size should be such that the dog eats everything at once, leaving nothing in the bowl. Always in free access the dog should have enough water.

Feeding a puppy of a miniature pinscher: an approximate diet

  • From 4 weeks of age puppies begin to wean from mother's milk.
  • The first feed should be warm goat's milk, gradually transferring it to milk oatmeal.
  • From 5-6 weeks, you can add minced meat and gradually introduce vegetables: carrots, beets, greens.
  • You can make vegetable salads with sour cream or vegetable oil.
  • Mandatory for puppy cottage cheese.

You can also give special vitamins for puppies. A puppy up to 2 months is fed 6 times a day, up to 4 - 5 times a day. A six-month-old puppy is given food 4 times a day, bringing the frequency of feeding up to three times a day by the year. From the year the dog is transferred to two meals.

Feeding the miniature pintcher with dry food

If it is decided that the dog will eat dry food, then it is better to transfer the puppy as soon as possible. But in order for the animal to develop properly, the feed needs to be chosen premium or superpremium class and specially designed for puppies of small breed dogs.

To feed a puppy, and then an adult dog, you must strictly follow the instructions on the packaging of the feed. In no case can not overfeed the dog. This leads to various diseases and reduced life expectancy. Cheap dry foods can cause digestive problems or allergies.

Introducing any new food you need to carefully monitor the animal, its state of health. When feeding a puppy of tsvergpincher with high-quality dry food, it is better not to give him anything extra. Only occasionally fruits and vegetables as a delicacy are possible. To a very small puppy, dry food is soaked in warm water.



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