How to teach a dog exhibition stand?

Each breed has a distinctive stance and special position of the hind limbs. This is necessary to properly assess the harmony of the dog and its individual articles.

Therefore, an exhibition dog must be able to stand.

How to start training?

  • In order for the dog to study well with the help of tasty encouragement, it does not need to be fed for about 8 hours before training.
  • The training place should be quiet and calm, and the paws of the dog should not slide.
  • The dog descends from the leash, and the owner pinches treats in the palm of his hand.
  • He gives the dog a sniffed hand and, without giving a treat, begins to play: make sharp turns, spin, jump, raise hands with a treat.
  • This is necessary to ensure that the dog is in the game mode, relaxed and did not perceive study as hard work.

Learning rack

Without taking a break from the game, the dog, already accustomed to ringovka, is put on the floor (or table) and is given the required position by the hands, given the command "Stand". At first, you can support the dog by the lower jaw to secure the rack. But over time, this must go away.

The dog must stand on its own.

When the dog froze in the correct position for at least 3 seconds, it needs to give one piece of treat, fixing the stand.

It is necessary to once again order "Stand" and when the dog does not take his eyes off the treat, squeezed in his hand, the owner must draw a large circle in the air with a smooth movement of his hand.

After that, give a treat again. And so every next piece after the team and the circle with his hand. This is done so that the dog calmly waits for a treat in the bar.

Movement with her hand seems to hypnotize her, she freezes and expects delicacy. In addition, the dog gets used to the fact that the owner can do hand movements, for example, correct the ringovka and the exhibition will not jump in search of delicacy. A circle with a hand is “drawn” only at the initial stage of training. When the dog will stand quietly for a long time, this maneuver is no longer needed.

Treat should be given as long as the dog is beautiful and motionless. Then she quickly and for a longer period will remember the correct position. If the dog has sat down or moved the paw, you need to sharply turn away from it and move aside for 30 seconds. After that, you need to start the learning phase from the beginning. When the treat is over, the dog needs to be loudly praised and stroked. Even when the stand is perfect, the exhibition must be repeated several times before the show.



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