The dog digs the ground

Digging, like many dog ​​habits, due to instinct. And for some breeds, for example, dachshunds and terriers, this is the norm.

Why does a dog dig the ground?

  1. If the dog in the yard has nothing to do.
  2. If a dog tries to dig under the fence in order to get on the side of the barrier (especially if behind the fence - a representative of the opposite sex.
  3. If the dog is looking for a cooler place on a summer day.
  4. If the dog is trying to bury "stocks for a rainy day."
  5. If the dog has smelled fertilizer with bone meal in the soil.
  6. If a pregnant dog is looking for a comfortable, secluded spot for sensation.

How to deal with the fact that the dog digs the ground?

First of all, it is necessary to understand the reason for this behavior and on the basis of this to take action.

  1. Find a place for your dog where she could sell her instinct to dig. Teach her to dig only there. It is better to have a shady place and sandy soil (sand is easier to clean).
  2. To teach to dig in a particular place, you can bury a toy there and give the command "dig!" After the dog digs the toy, you must praise it. You need to repeat this procedure before fixing the execution of the command in a specific place. Digging in any other place is accompanied by the command "no!" and switching attention to the chosen place.

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