How to wean a dog to bark at home? Dog handlers advice

Barking for a dog is a natural manifestation of feelings. Therefore, weaning her from it is not easy, but necessary, at least for the time the animal stays in the house.

Ways to wean a dog from barking in the house

First of all, it must be clearly remembered that if a dog cannot be barked in the house, then it can never be done. You can not praise the dog when she barked at the doorbell and scolded for the fact that she responded to a neighbor who passed by the door. The animal must clearly know that barking is forbidden in the house under any circumstances.

Also it is necessary to take into account that a dog with which they walk and do enough sports or play games is less active at home and behaves more calmly. The animal must be taught to the team "Quiet".

1st method:

You can use the water spray gun for training and, as soon as the dog barked, give the command "Quiet" and, if it does not shut up, sprinkle water on it in the face. If the dog has completed the command - praise and give a treat.

2nd method:

Another way to wean a dog from barking is to use muzzles. It blocks the face and generally excludes the possibility of barking. Wearing a muzzle can be combined with training the dog team "Quiet". That is, as soon as the dog starts to bark, it is given a command, but if it is not performed, then a muzzle is put on, and if it is done, a treat is given.

Ways that are not recommended if you want to stop a dog from barking at home

There are also special collars. This is not a completely humane way that should be used only when you need to wean an adult dog, for example, when it changes its residence from an open-air cage to an apartment. In such a collar, when barking a dog, it tingles a little with electric current, which gives the animal an unpleasant feeling. Over time, she associates barking with these sensations and stops barking.

Other similar collars act with the help of a special spray, which during barking sprays an unpleasant scent for a dog, for example, citrus. However, this smell is completely safe for the health of the dog. The most inhuman way can be called cutting the vocal cords.

Still use an ultrasonic whistle, every time when the dog barks. He does not hear for a man, but makes very unpleasant sounds for a dog.

If a dog does not bark at the owner, but stays at home alone, there may be several reasons. It could be the stress of a change of scenery, fear of being abandoned or lack of attention. In such situations, it is necessary to let the dog know that she has nothing to worry about. There is a good exercise in teaching the dog to be alone. The owner dresses and with his whole appearance shows that he is leaving. After 5 minutes, he returns and praises the dog for waiting.



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