Is it possible to give dogs valerian?

Many owners are worried about the nervous behavior of their dogs. In the rhythm of the big city, pets have especially many different irritants.

Animals are nervous in a variety of situations:

  • beeps of transport
  • an excess of loud sounds, incomprehensible to dogs,
  • crackers
  • firecrackers and fireworks,
  • thunder and the sound of airplanes.

All this causes nervous reactions in an animal: it is torn, it trembles violently, tries to hide, runs away from a terrible place. Therefore, dog breeders, especially on the eve of holidays, think about whether their pets can be given valerian in such situations.

How does the valerian act on dogs?

This is a natural sedative, the least harmful to the human body. Does it affect animals? In fact, those who gave the dog valerian noticed that it had practically no effect on large animals.

Even for medium sized dogs, it has minimal impact. It was noted that the yellow shell, in which valerian tablets are produced, can cause an allergic reaction in a pet, which will manifest as itching and rash.

How to give valerian dogs correctly?

The course of treatment in which valerian is used can be prescribed by a veterinarian neurotic dog. This course is designed to take medication for two months, which should be repeated twice a year. A large dog (over 20 kg) is given three tablets at one time, an average dog (10-20 kg), two tablets each, and a small dog (up to 10 kg) is given one tablet each.

Also, a valerian with the same doses can be given a dog once before a nervous trip, when an animal, for example, has to travel in the luggage compartment of an airplane. Or when the dog is afraid of the car. However, in order to make sure that the dog needs such a course of treatment, it is necessary that the diagnosis be made by a professional.

Therefore, if the dog is anxious, first of all you need to show it to the vet. Only he can identify the cause of disturbing reactions. After all, the causes of anxiety can be as purely physiological (wounds, abrasions, scratched), and mental.

Independently solve a similar problem is almost impossible, because you need the advice of a specialist who can pick up the necessary drug to the dog. If anxiety becomes the cause of anxiety in an animal, then the veterinarian will most likely prescribe a special soothing dog for animals.

In such cases, human medications hardly help. In addition, they are quite difficult to dose due to the fact that dogs come in very different sizes and weights.



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