Can dogs give bread?

Owners of dogs often indulge their pets with something from their table. Not rarely, such a delicacy becomes a piece of bread. Can I feed the dogs bread?

Some dogs love bread in its pure form, others just dip it in something tasty: sour cream or meat sauce, so that it becomes a real delicacy. But few people think about whether dogs can eat bread? It is assumed that everything that a person eats is for the good of the dog.

However, this is not always the case. After all, a dog is a true predator, unlike a clearly herbivorous and fruit-eating person. The predator has one feature of the digestive system. While there is no carbohydrate in his diet, there are almost no digestive enzymes in saliva. However, as soon as the dog begins to give bread, the cells of the salivary glands actively begin to secrete amylolytic enzymes that can break down carbohydrates.

Why dogs should not be given a lot of bread?

Bread is primarily a source of carbohydrates. As in the human body, in a dog you need to control the amount of carbohydrates consumed. This is especially true for pets who are little active on walks, for example, due to solid age or various diseases (joints, heart, etc.).

For this reason, bread is not the best food for a dog, especially if there are already carbohydrates in the form of cereals in its diet. Also, veterinarians categorically do not advise giving fresh bread to dogs, because the yeast in it stimulates the fermentation effect. And this can lead to a change in the intestines of the animal microbiological flora and colic.

In addition, soft bread in the stomach of a predator turns into a real paste that spoils the dog's food path. For the same reason, dogs are not recommended to give:

  • pancakes
  • pasta,
  • other flour products.

An exception may be stale black bread, that is, crackers or unleavened biscuits. They can be given to the dog as a treat. However, you also can not overdo it and do not forget that the weight of the pet must be kept under control. Brown bread can be a great help in certain situations.

So he can act as a good encouragement for a dog that is not indifferent to bread. For such an animal, a cracker can serve as a reward for training or for good behavior. For example, during such a tedious job as a haircut.

Also, a crouton can be a good cure for idleness, which can take a dog for a while. There is one more benefit from the ability to gnaw a crust of bread. It can replace the dog with a toothbrush, removing the plaque that forms the tartar.



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