What and how to feed Akita Inu?

It is not uncommon to hear about feeding an Akita inu that this breed is a strong allergic person. They often and very many products manifest allergies.

In part, this is true and associated with genetics. The fact is that in their homeland Akita is fed with rice, fish, seafood, vegetables and fruits, as well as seaweed salads. This is a very light and healthy diet.

Therefore, the more “pure Japanese blood” in a dog, the more its digestive system is focused on this type of nutrition and the body will be allergic to:

  • turkey and chicken,
  • beef
  • dairy products, especially fatty,
  • corn,
  • wheat,
  • oats.

At the same time Akita perfectly tolerates the meat of wild animals:

  • deer
  • roes,
  • elk

And it is not so easy to find on the shelves.

Feeding the Akita Inu with Natural Products

Taking the puppy from the breeder, it is better to continue to feed the baby with the same food as it was with the mother. And only later, little by little, to introduce new products. Be sure to give:

  1. low-fat kefir and cottage cheese,
  2. veal,
  3. boiled sea fish,
  4. boiled egg
  5. vegetables and fruits.

Be sure to feed the puppy with specialized vitamins and mineral supplements. Algae that contain iodine can be added to the diet of this breed.

Akita Inu Feeding Dry Food

It should be remembered that for Akita most commercial feeds are not suitable due to the fact that they contain large quantities of soybeans, which this breed does not digest well. Therefore, you need to pick up food very carefully. Dry food for Akita Inu should have only one source of protein. It is best when it is a duck or fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, anchovies).

Protein in the diet should be no more than 26%, and fat from 12 to 18%. Such a composition, as a rule, has a holistic feed class. The best source of carbohydrates for Akita is rice, and potatoes are also possible. You can not take feed containing wheat or corn. Good reviews of breeders of this breed for food Pro-Plan (Purine) diet Salmon with Rice, as well as Lamb with Rice.

It is especially suitable for adult dogs, and puppies need to pick something less fat. It is better not to choose universal food, supposedly oriented for all breeds and ages of dogs. Food should be strictly for a puppy or adult dog, in accordance with its age and is designed for medium-sized dogs.

Akita puppies quickly grow up, therefore, already from 5 months they are fed 3 times a day, and from 9 months they are transferred to two meals, as well as adult dogs. As for the amount of food, the puppy is given no more than 10% of its weight. If the puppy does not immediately eat the offered food, the next time he is reduced in dose, so that he always eats everything that lies in the plate.



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