Instructions for use and reviews on antigadin for dogs

Antigadin for dogs is used to wean the animal to be emptied in inappropriate places, primarily in the house.

Thanks to the drug, the pet develops a persistent habit of meeting its need only in those places that the owner intended for it.

Instructions for use antigadin for dogs

Before applying anti-baddies, the places that the dog uses for emptying should be thoroughly cleaned. For this you can not use disinfectants or detergents. The place should also be thoroughly moistened.

After that, the spray agent must be sprayed from the surface at a distance of 20–30 cm. The drug begins to act within 1-2 hours after their application. Such processing of undesirable places with anti-badger should be continued until the dog acquires the resistant habit of its need to be celebrated only in places specially designed for this purpose.

Neither contraindications, nor side effects from the use of antihadin are established.. At the same time, antigadin is practically odorless and harmless, both for people and animals, and does not damage treated surfaces, does not leave stains on them.


One of the most popular antigadin-type drugs is a spray manufactured by Himol. Buy butolochkoy capacity of 150 ml at a price of about 110 rubles.

Reviews on antigadin for dogs

Review №1

I found an American Spaniel on the street, already an adult, and took it myself. It seems to be a well-bred dog, but for some reason he began to foul under the entrance door. I had heard plenty of advice from "experienced" dog breeders and than did not splash this place. And domesticos, and vinegar, and perfume, and lemon.

I suffered for two weeks until Antigadin was advised to me at the pet store. I sprinkled them on my "favorite place", Butch whirled around there, sniffed and changed his mind. Now normally waiting for walking. For faithfulness, I constantly sprayed anti-badins for four days.

Irina, Samara

Review number 2

My toy terrier, when I started to grow up, periodically began to spoil in the same place, and in the kitchen. It is necessary to linger a little with the change of the tray, as he already meets the need in the wrong place. I was advised by an antigadin friend to a friend who had similar problems, but I was a little afraid because I have a strong allergy to all sorts of dispensers with a strong odor.

However, she ventured to try and not lost. This remedy does not have a smell, but it brings great benefits. I really liked it, and literally from the first time the dog was disappointed and stopped shitting. It seems that she did not like it.

Boris, Moscow



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