Why is the dog trembling and what to do in this situation?

The alarm of any owner will be caused by the condition of the dog, which suddenly begins to tremble with its whole body, or else it will whine. It is necessary to know in which cases the owner can independently help the pet, and when the help of a specialist is needed.

It is very important to understand in time why the dog is trembling.

Why is the dog trembling?

  • Quite a common cause of trembling in an animal is pain syndrome. It can be caused by a spasm, injury, insect bites or snakes.
  • Another no less common cause may be the onset of a viral disease or an internal non-communicable disease, a disease of the blood system, the nervous system, dysfunction of an organ, or the onset of a disease that the parasites cause.
  • An animal can shiver in the event of a bacterial infection or chemical poisoning.
  • Quite tremors can be caused by completely external factors. For example, if the temperature drops sharply outside and the dog has short hair, it may start to freeze.
  • There are pedigree features in some dogs. Such is the nervous system of the third type, peculiar to some decorative rocks. Therefore, they may react with a shiver to various unusual situations: an exhibition, a vehicle, the arrival of strangers, fear and so on.
  • In most cases, trembling in dogs can cause pneumonia.

What if the dog is trembling?

If you suddenly tremble, you need to inspect it for injury. If a swelling or fracture is noticeable, and also if there is a suspicion of a spasm, you should immediately contact a veterinarian. A small wound can be self-treated.

When no damage is found, it is necessary to measure the body temperature and if it is above 40 degrees, contact the clinic. If you suspect poisoning with chemicals, you must first give the dog an enema, and then consult a doctor.

If a short-haired dog has suddenly become colder on the street and a shiver has begun, then it can be wrapped in a blanket or put on a knitted vest. If a dog has such a breed trait as a nervous system of the third type, then before a possible stress for the dog, for example, going to an exhibition, it is necessary to give a calming animal that the vet will prescribe.

If pneumonia is suspected, when a dog may have a cough and body temperature other than a shiver, the animal will be lethargic and refuse to eat, it is necessary to immediately contact a veterinarian.



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