Perverted dog appetite

Does your dog like to swallow anything inedible?

This is not funny, there are reasons to be wary and take urgent action.

Why does this happen?

1. Improper feeding.

2. Some types of infectious diseases, helminths, diseases of the stomach and intestines.

3. Insufficient physical activity.

4. The dog attracts the attention of the owner.

5. Habits from puppyhood, when he was unattended and chewed horrible.

6. By chance, the dog swallowed something that he simply studied or endured.

How to deal with it?

1. Increase walking time. Make them more intense mobile games.

2. Clean up (as far as possible) in the vicinity all dangerous items that the dog can use for eating.

3. Reorient the dog to the "right" objects for chewing - special toys, natural bones, etc.

4. If you determine that the cause is attracting attention, ignore it. But try to prevent such an action of the dog: attract her attention to yourself before she grabs an unwanted object with her teeth.

5. If the dog has already eaten something indecent - do not punish: the dog thinks she is good, since she deftly and quickly ate something before she was punished. Try to anticipate this moment.



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