Raising and choosing a collie puppy

A collie puppy is a soft, charming toy. Fluffy, amusing, not at all like a majestic, aristocratic collie.

Around the age of a month, a puppy is more like a kitten. But for him it does not matter. It is of interest only mother's milk. After all, the rest of the world is nonsense.

After a while, when he first starts to leave the basket, he takes on an important look. It is clear that he feels beautiful and solid. However, so far only a specialist can recognize the Scottish shepherd in it.

Indeed, because of the square head and short hair, he seems just a pretty yard dog. But two months will pass, and the ugly duckling will become a swan, that is, a collie, or rather a collie in miniature. But now it is finally clear what kind of dog he is. Of course, problems still remain. For example, a collie puppy doesn’t want to stand upright. To get upset to anything. At one time they will gain the right floor elevated position. Only a little patience is needed.

Dogs of this breed develop slowly. Only by two years the collie reach perfection. The doll will finally become a beautiful butterfly. The dog's coat will also reach a peak of splendor and the owner will be able to be proud of his amazing pet.

But, in order to have a good and balanced collie, you must purchase a puppy from a good breeder, recognized by the national association of breeders and specializing in this breed. A solid breeder puts at the forefront not only beauty, but also the character of the dog. He realizes that it’s not enough for a real collie to have a luxurious coat. Collie puppy is important to educate the correct methods.

He must be socialized, acquainted with other dogs and people. To keep him in isolation under a glass bell is to spoil his good-natured, friendly character. The dog is afraid of everything unknown. Therefore, the dog is accustomed to adults and children, to the fact that they play with him, caress him will certainly be polite and cute.



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